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Old 11-05-2012, 06:24 PM   #21
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The Heng retrofit fan comes in two models. The single speed exhaust fan and the multispeed reversible fan. I have not installed either, so my take on them is from what I've heard from others who have installed them and from hearing one of the single speed retrofit fans in a friend's RV. All the discussions I've heard indicate that they are significantly louder than Fantastic fans. For that reason, I'd consider replacing the entire vent assembly and installing a Fantastic multispeed reversible fan in its place. The vent dome that is installed on your RV should be held in place by screws around the perimeter and it sould be removeable and then reuseable with the Fantastic fan assembly. Be sure to use Dicor to seal the new vent in place and take your time cleaning the old sealant off the roof when you remove the old vent assembly. If you should happen to "nick" your rubber roof, just be sure to apply Dicor liberally over the damaged area.

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Originally Posted by cathcartww View Post
Whether I can figure out a way to directly vent the range hood or not, I plan on installing a fan in the living room ceiling like ktmracer described. Both the Fan-tastic Vent and the MaxxFans seem to require the complete replacement of the whole vent assembly. Our trailer allready has the an MaxxAir cover installed over the OEM vent. I was thinking maybe one of these retrofit fans may be almost as good, and easier to install. What do you guys think?
Here is my take. installing a Fantastic or MaxxFan really isn't that difficult. Removal of the outside trim ring and dicor is actually much easier than it looks. remove the screws and then using a plastic "spudger" available at most any RV dealer you slide it under the dicor at one edge and slowly break the seal. The plastic tool makes it much more difficult to tear the roof membrane. Once the trim is off, you can just slowly scrape and roll off the dicor with the same tool and your hand. Install the new unit and using the non leveling dicor cover the trim edge and all the screws and your done.

I did both fans in my Outback in about 2 hours from start to finish for fan removal and installation of the new fantastic, and another 1/2 hour to finish the wiring etc. inside.

Why do this when the Heng retrofit fan is available??? Well, I tried one. The original Vortex I. Great idea, but something between mediocre and terrible execution. It's terribly noisy, blades aren't balanced very well, have lots of casting flash than combineds for significant vibration. They also block more light than the Fantastic, and don't move near as much air. It's sad, because it really would fill a need if the execution was better. Some folks have been happy with them, but from other message boards, a signficant number came away pretty unhappy.

Maybe they have improved them since the vortex I was introduced as they added the 3 speed and reversible versions, and one with a 12" fan blade. It would be great if the newer versions were improved, it would fit a definite need.
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my Bullet 248RKS

Always on previous trailers I have had range vents to the outside. When I bought my Bullet I noticed it did not have one and had the dealer install a Fantastic Fan and cover before I picked it up. It is hooked to the light switch but I find that is no problem. The FF works much better than any hood vent I have ever had. For me, it was an easy solution.
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Old 04-20-2013, 01:36 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by robo View Post
Nice work, I need to do this
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On my Passport, I have the non-vented range hood as well. My dad recently came across a guy that gave him his new "Create-a-Breeze"/Fantastic Fan from his motorhome, as he had an AC put in place of it. It's a 8100-TS, and am gonna have to call FantasticFan to find out about the control wiring.The guy gave it to him, but forgot the wall mounted switch(s) that should come with it. It has the 12v input, but also has a Orange and Green set of leads that has to be tied together in order to operate the fan & auto open feature. He thought it was remote thermostat controlled, with a second remote switch for the fan on/off, but I'm not sure as I would think that would use 4 wires. Also has the rain guard feature built in.

Anyway, if I leave it as is, I have already fished a wire from the back of the Micro, where the 12V for the range hood is to the vent I plan to replace in the ceiling. Then I have a second set of wires to jump between the orange/green set to near the range hood. If use thermo controlled, I thought about mounting a thermostat at the "Under cabinet" by the stove, so when the it detects heat from the stove (lazy way to do it, but a cool thing to do), it'll open up the vent and turn it on. Secondly, I thought of using the range hood vent switch to actually turn the fan on and off manually, isolating the 12v for the range fan or disconnecting it all together, as I don't want to feed 12v to the circuit board through those org/grn wires. that would be a bad thing.

Any thoughts on my thoughts?

Either way, the fantastic fan idea to circumvent the non-vented range hood seems to be a great idea. Luckily my cieling vent now is right in front of the rangetop, so I don't worry SO much about grease vapors and such passing through so much of the TT before venting out. I'll just have to keep a keen eye and clean it often so grease doesn't build up on the fan and vent.
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I'll just have to keep a keen eye and clean it often so grease doesn't build up on the fan and vent.
Yes, from experience, it will build up!

I had a Fantastic fan on my previous trailer that had no range hood. Cleaning the fan blades was certainly a PITA and to get it all, had to attack it from the roof as well.
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