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Old 08-11-2019, 12:50 PM   #1
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Do we have a lemon?

Wanted to see if it is typical to have multiple issues with a travel trailer after purchasing it brand new off the lot. We first incurred a leak under our sink and at the front of our 2018 Bullet Crossfire 2070 BH in April. We took it to the dealer who said it was a window and the seal around a light. They went on to replace every window and seal all the lights. Our next trip out I noticed there was nothing coming out of the black tank when I went to empty it. Took it back to the dealer and they found a leak and replaced the entire black tank unit. Thinking we were good now, we went out again. We hooked up the water and electric and went to dinner. We came back and found water under the sink again. We took it back to the dealer again and they cannot replicate the leak.
We are now outside the one year warranty. We are looking to either sell it back, buy a different camper or hope it miraculously fixes itself.
My question is, is this normal? We are told all campers have issues that need to worked out, but ours has been at the dealer more than in our possession. Does everyone go through this???

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All of the things you have listed have happened to someone with a new trailer. If they all happened exactly like yours I don't know. I'm wondering what kind of inspections you and the dealer did prior to taking delivery? The leaks around the windows might not have been found, especially since they replaced them all, but water "leaks" are generally far easier to diagnose and repair by the owner than the dealer. Leaking black tank should have already been replaced before you got it.

Many, many things are wrong with various trailers but most are caught by the dealership and corrected prior to the customer taking it. I've seen all kinds of stuff being fixed on trailers that just came on the lot. Good dealerships take care of that, others leave it for the new owner to find.

You've had some major work done....I hope professionally. If you are handy with tools (and you need to be if you own an RV) I would think (hope) that the major issues have been found. That completely depends on if you have actually put the trailer through its paces and checked every aspect of it out. If not....? Keeping it, if you can make repairs, is probably going to beat the heck out of the thrashing you will take when you take it back to trade it in. JMO/YMMV

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Normal? No, but it isn't unusual either.

It really helps to be a DIY type when owning an RV. Besides manufacturing defects, things are always loosening, breaking, or otherwise acting up.

Think of your trailer as a rolling earthquake.
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Old 08-11-2019, 09:12 PM   #4
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Repairs are hit and miss. My daughters rig has had a dozen issues, but never the same one more than once which is how a lemon law issue is defined. Itís been in the shop more days than itís been home.
On the other hand, we have not had one issue. I should explain that comment. I had a leak under the kitchen sink, I tightened the fitting, fixed. I had a shelf missing a screw in a support, I put one in, fixed. The floor was filthy from assembly, glue in spots, cleaned it myself, fixed. Had a couple small cracks in the roof sealant, patched them with some Dicor, fixed. That all being said we have not missed one day of camping, never been happier with a rv.
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Old 08-12-2019, 03:23 AM   #5
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Not unusual

Minor issue ontank.

Get with manufacturer and ask for warranty coverage
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WRT the water under the sink: Do you have a water pressure regulator? The plumbing in TT is plastic, with plastic fittings and connectors. That type of system can't tolerate very high water pressure like the plumbing in your S&B home. Most RV owners invest in a pressure regulator to protect the RV's internal plumbing. Also invest in an Electrical Management System (EMS) to protect your RV's electrical system from miswired pedestals and over/under voltages. Finally, a lot of RV owners invest in a tire pressure monitoring system to protect the RV from the damage caused by flinging treads as a result of a tire blowout.
As others have said, it is beneficial to be a little handy with basic tools if you own an RV. Imagine what would happen to your S&B home if it was a) cheaply constructed, b) subjected to hours long earthquakes at the same time being in a c) hurricane with 70mph winds. That is what your RV is exposed to when towing it down the road and people wonder why things break and come loose in their RVs.
A large number of us baby boomers are retiring and hitting the road in RVs. An increasing number of young families are discovering that RVs are a better way to travel with young children and so the RV industry over the past few years has been red hot. The manufacturing side of the industry geared up to produce them at warp factor 9 but the repairs side of things is largely left to the dealers. They are swamped by the workload and typically, booking in for repairs can result in a long wait time to get them done. IMO, it's quicker and easier to do most minor fixes yourself. Hopefully you won't have any more major issues like the leaking black tank. But you experience (judging by posts on the forums here) is not unusual.

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