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Old 01-03-2019, 12:29 PM   #21
Jerry S
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Put your average two 200 lb passengers in the front seat and your dog and everything you are going to be carrying. Then check your front axle weights. This video is nonsense.

Originally Posted by BAPotter View Post
Equalizer does not recommend the use of air lift/bags with there hitch. Excellent demo attached showing why.


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The way I interpret the YouTube video is they show the difference between the air bags by themselves and the WDH by itself. The WDH did better is the test, but they did not address using both to get the correct results. Even the WDH results were not totally correct. So my question is this now, what about using both? I need a set of scales (eight of them) to prove my point. PS> I worked many years with laboratory testing on other type products so I do understand these. Just not with hitches. I would love to see what they say about using both, pros and cons you know.

Thanks for sharing the video, very helpful

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Alright, I did some more checking on Fastway's videos on YouTube. Here is their reply on using both the air bags and WDH:

1 month ago
@Craig Werger, a combination of both is a very good setup. The amount of weight you can put on the rear axle is determined by the tow vehicle's rating. Using air bags or a weight distribution hitch does not increase this rating. However, there are also tow ratings for the vehicle, and these are usually higher when using a weight distribution hitch vs. a weight carrying hitch (ball mount). Using a weight distribution hitch correctly should take some weight off the rear axle of the tow vehicle (vs. weight carrying) and force the front axle and trailer axles to carry that weight. You can see this in the video at the 9:12 mark.
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Old 01-05-2019, 03:52 PM   #24
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Lots of well-informed comments here. I am a mechanical engineer ( My BS was in 1966 and MS in 1971) but I do not claim to possess all of the worlds knowledge. In fact, over the years, I am always amazed at how much I do not know.

Just before I bought my recent trailer to be towed with a Ram 1500 Big Horn I came across a fantastic real engineering study. It should be mandatory reading for all trailer owners. Here is the YouTube URL or you can search on YouTube "Airbags versus Equalizer Hitch."

Before I saw this article, I was debating what airbag system to install. View the channel and I think you will find out what airbag system that I decided to install!

As I said, after 50 years plus of engineering I do not know it all, but I can usually tell when someone is feeding me good information versus BS. This YouTube video saved me money and, more importantly, lots of time as I nearly always do my own labor.
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Old 01-06-2019, 09:07 AM   #25
Site Team
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Lot's of opinions on this. I will relate my experience. I use a Reese Straight Line WDH/Sway Control. It's been used on 3 trucks and 3 campers in various configurations. I haven't replaced it yet because it works. I also have installed air bags on 2 of the trucks, an F150 KR and the current F 250.
I do not use the air bags to level the rig, that's what the WDH is for. If the WDH is set up correctly the trailer should be level and the decrease in the truck's ride height should be equal between the front and rear. I do use the airbags to hitch and unhitch. I installed a switch in the back driver's side of the bed and in the dashboard to inflate/deflate. I use the airbags because I installed an on board air system (tank and high volume pump) for train horns and to quickly pump up the air bags.
I also use the airbags to lift the rear of the truck to enter/exit my driveway which has a rather deep pitch between the driveway grade up to the garage and the crown of the road. I also use it to hitch and unhitch as it's much quicker than the trailer jack.
So, with all that said, I set up the hitch and WD bars to so the trailer and truck set level when hitched on level ground. I think the truck and trailer ride better with about 25-30 psi in the air bags. This does not affect the height, just stiffins the rear end a bit. This is strictly anecdotal but I have traveled the same roads, under the same conditions with the min. 10 psi and under various psi loads and the 25 to 30 psi seems to be the sweet spot for my setup.
Hope this helps.
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Old 01-06-2019, 05:52 PM   #26
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I have the Chevy Colorado Diesel pulling a 4500lb Premier. I have a ProPride weight distribution hitch with 10k bars.

My trouble was a lot of chucking/bouncing.

I tried 14k bars, shocks on the trailer, and even the cushioned Equa-Flex equalizer between my two trailer axles. All of these have helped to some degree.

But installing airlift airbags allow me to stiffen the trucks suspension and that make a HUGE difference at reducing and usually eliminates the chucking. I suspect the off-road suspension on the Z71 might be a little soft for towing, so the airbags help. Thinking about getting some blistering shocks to replace the stock ones.

Any thoughts are welcome...


2014 Keystone Bullet Premier 22RBPR
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