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Old 12-02-2018, 10:05 AM   #21
Third Degree
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I have the Cougar 27SAB with this system. Like others have said, when you unhook, bring the trailer to level with the front jack then hit the auto leveler. I don't like my wheels off the ground either but it can happen with an unlevel ground.

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suggestion to new owners friends..... unless there is really a lot of unevenness to a site the wheels shouldn't be off the ground.
This system has the ability for you to manually level the trailer. Next time out do this and get it level to your comfort, use a level or an app on your phone to accomplish level. Get out the owners manual and find the section where you can reset the system to use this setting as the auto level end point. It resets the system and uses this setting as the basis for future levels. My system didn't quite get to level until I rebooted. It is really simple to do, just follow a couple of steps as outlined in the users manual.

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A few of you really nailed down the correct answer. Once disconnected from the truck you must retract the tongue jack to the most level position possible. The TT Ground Control will then work its magic. After September 16th 2018 all of the trailers will no longer have this system. The"revised" 2019 Cougars have several changes. The revised trailers can be easily identified by the new black front cap. Additionally, Cougars now come with a full king bed,not the camp king bed. The ceiling is now barreled and there is a different appliance and color package. They eliminated the rear rack off the bumper and added a different and better entry step system. We ordered our "revised" 2019 26RBS directly from the factory and added the Lippert Ground Control TT as an option. Since the factory had only recently deleted the leveling system I added it on for only $1,000 instead of the $ 4000 actual cost.
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Old 12-03-2018, 07:50 AM   #24
Irv gates
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Libbert autoLevelers

I have the libbert 3.0 level system on my 5th wheel. I had problems with the controls and the sysyem freezing on errors. I talked to the factory people about my problems and they were very friendly . I ended up replacing the control board and the display module to correct some problems and they walked me through each problem I had, I would call them if you have questions and you will get some good ideas and help. They have told me that even if the jacks raise your trailer off the ground , its not recommended to keep yor trailer in that position. Also do not run your jacks when your plugged into Shore power. It seems there has beeen some problems with electricical spiking that has corrupted the electronics in the Jack system. I did originality use my shore power hooked up when I was using the jacks but I dont anymore . I havent had any more problems since I started that. If I do I will call them. You can also go the the Libbert web site and pick up more Infro than you received when you got your system,
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Old 12-03-2018, 08:42 AM   #25
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I have the LCI 3.0 on my 5th wheel, and when I first started using the system I would also have wheels lifting off the ground. Here's what I have learned over the past 6 months of using the system which has solved the issue for me. Unsure if these will remain true for a TT.

The front jacks need to be about 5-7" off the ground prior to lowering, to ensure they have enough room to extend/retract during the leveling process. Otherwise I found the system will compensate with the rear jacks, which leads to lifting of the tires.

Second, I have to use the "Drop front jacks" feature of the system vs manually lowering them. I read somewhere (may have been in this forum) that the system needs this as an element of knowing the position of the jacks? Don't know if this is true or not, but what I can tell you is that ever since I started using the system to lower the jacks vs. dropping them manually, the auto level worked without raising the wheels off the ground.

So again, not sure if a TT will work in a similar fashion. I don't know if it has an auto-lower function for the tongue jack or not. If it does, I would deff try using it. The advice given here on lowering the tongue jack before using auto-level sounds like solid advice, as I would imagine this would yield the same result as me leaving 5-7" of play in the 5'er front jacks.

Re: if it is ok to have the wheels off the ground specific to electric jacks; as far as I've been able to see in my research, they are built to handle the weight just fine but Lippert says they shouldn't leave the ground. And many online state that they say this now only for liability reasons. And although my Lippert manual says to keep them on the ground, I at one time was able to find a keystone video "commercial" of the system, where the entire right side of the TT was high, wheels up in the air. Hmmm....

So in the end, this can become another RV scenario (i.e. travelling with propane on or not ) where you're left to making your own decision, and doing what you feel most comfortable with. I've read that some still do an initial "old-school" leveling with blocks prior to using the system, which many feel completely negates the purpose of having the system to begin with.

Good luck! Will be curious to learn if either of these options work for your friends, and hope it results with wheels firmly on the ground
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BTW - here's that Keystone vid I mentioned:

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