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Old 06-28-2018, 05:47 PM   #1
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Location: Flint
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Miles a day?

I was wondering how many miles/hours can reasonably be covered in a day. in a car my wife and and I have gone 800 mi. or more. but with RV, what is more realistic goal. Thanks foe any input.

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Old 06-28-2018, 06:00 PM   #2
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When we are headed to a destination (but not reached it as yet) going from point A to point B, we typically make 300 miles in a day; we take it easy and enjoy the ride. Sometimes we make an unplanned stop as something looks interesting. If we are traveling between destinations we might do 50 to 100 miles; it all depends. We've occasionally pushed it to just over 400 miles in one day, but that's not our usual mode of travel. We typically don't make reservations until the night before or the morning of our travels, which sometimes forces us to go a little further (thus the 300-400 mile day).


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Old 06-28-2018, 06:08 PM   #3
Frank G
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With good driving conditions and light traffic, 500 tops. 350 is more manageable, relaxed setup, good supper, relaxing walk before retiring.
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Old 06-28-2018, 06:08 PM   #4
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In my case, I try for about 400, but for us a travel day includes breaking and making camp. My DW does not help with the driving. And, we are retired, so our schedule is flexible.

Mark S.
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Old 06-28-2018, 06:42 PM   #5
Dave W
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Whatever it ends up at is what you and your sig other are comfortable driving. There is no hard and fast rule. In the Northeast - a couple hundred may be enough. In the mid and South West - 350-500 may be fine. But just remember, that several thousand pounds behind your tow vehicle just wont let you accelerate or stop as fast nor will it always top hills at 70 mph or take curves at those speeds. I have done as much as 600 miles towing a 5er but you have tto believe I was beat. My travels are usually on the road by 8-8:30 and off and having a cold frothy beer by 3:30-4:00PM at the latest and that's usually about 350-375 miles or a tamk of diesel fuel
Dave W, traveling with my DW, Susan and poodlepups, Callie and Molly with a 2011 F250 CCLB 6.7, B&W hitch and hauling a 2014 Montana HC 343RL
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Old 06-28-2018, 06:54 PM   #6
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The time killer when traveling is refueling. You wait in line, fill up, clean the windshield, check the tires, get a soda, get back on the road, and 45 to 60 minutes is gone.

350 to 400 miles is comfortable for us. I've done 600, but not often. It just leaves us both wiped out.

Chip Bruce, RPh
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Old 06-28-2018, 06:56 PM   #7
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Few weeks ago my wife and 3 year old did just under 700 miles in a day. We went to the fort at Disney. Live in Little Rock Ar. So we suffered through one long day and then rested good and short trip the next day to start a nice vacation. You can do anything if you really want to. You have to know your body and what you are capable of and also what you want to do in this case means a whole lot more.
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Old 06-28-2018, 07:05 PM   #8
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Oh my...such an open ended question. As has been mentioned, depends on several factors. My target is 200-300 miles per day. But have gone as much as 450...not fun though. My DW doesn't drive the rig...so it's all on me. And remember, one "hick-up" while fatigued means reduced reaction times, and may result in very negative consequences. Better safe than sorry. Plan then execute...conservatively!


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Old 06-28-2018, 07:36 PM   #9
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Traveling with an RV can be lots of hours or not. I go for the mid range timeline. I plan all my trips. Every night is preset. I base them on the route and what we will see on the way. In that way, I'm not very flexible, but, I cannot stand driving along looking and wondering about a place to stay...and I don't do parking lots. Spent way too many years being "adventurous" and spending hours driving and looking for a place to stay...in the middle of the night...I've grown up.

We plan our route; plan on about 6 hours including fuel stops; run about at least 3-350 miles per day. Try to stop by around 4pm. We are retired so trying to hit it at full tilt like I did all my working life is long gone.
Danny & Susan wife of 53 years
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Old 06-29-2018, 03:52 AM   #10
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Traveling in Texas there are a lot of places that you can't get to in 300 miles (6 hours) Generally I plan my trip to get where I'm going... If that requires leaving Waco at 3 am to get there before closing or with time to set up before dark then so be it.. I'm only 69

I spend more time planning fuel stops that accommodate a 60 foot long and 13' 8" rig on the back roads of Texas, than worrying about hours behind the wheel...
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Old 06-29-2018, 04:26 AM   #11
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I fly by the seat of my pants, I have driven to Boston from Toronto (10 Hrs, via car) after a double shift, I have driven to work 45 mins and been exhausted, lol. I base it on how rested I am, driving conditions, and how important it is to get to that destination. Wind and rain really takes effort to drive through, construction, and other peoples driving habits. With the trailer, I try to make my mark but I am content sleeping in a walmart parking lot or anywhere else I can safely park my vehicle.
Dan & Serena

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Old 06-29-2018, 06:50 AM   #12
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Sometimes this is age related - sometimes it is experience (or lack there of).
When I drove 'over-the-road' there seemed to be a "culture" whereby it was considered to be almost unmanly to stop and sleep. If you arrived late for a load, the dispatcher would often times ask "what did you do - stop and sleep?"
Some of the drivers I knew would succumb to the pressure and keep driving until the sound of gravel stones hitting the undercarriage woke them up. If they were lucky, they were able to get back onto the pavement from the shoulder without taking a disastrous tour out through the giggle weeds. When you feel tired, stop.
We try to keep it under 400 miles per day. As an example, on our upcoming trip to west central Washington, we will stop for the night in Mountain Gate, CA (373 mi) then Corvalis, OR (344), then Riffe Lake in Washington (203mi). That way we arrive right at check in time have ample time for set up and then time to visit with the DS, DIL and grandsons before supper. There was a time when I would have just cut the trip in half and saved one night in a CG. But, after pushing for time and mileage for so many years, I'm just not in that much of a hurry. And, I try to keep our rolling road block at a stately 57 mph

Jack & Marty
2018 Laredo 298 SRL
2011 F-250 SB Crew Cab 4x4 6.7L
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Old 06-29-2018, 07:42 AM   #13
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I don't think in terms of mileage, but time. I try to keep under 5 hours as I seem to be beat if I go more while pulling. That doesn't include stop time (fuel, pee break etc), but just driving time.
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Old 06-29-2018, 07:58 AM   #14
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I may be the odd man out here. For me it depends on the overall trip and time allotted. Example: we are headed out on a 1000 mile trip one way in August. Two major stops planned with 18 days travel time. I’m planning on 600 miles the first day leaving only 150 miles on day two to our first destination. 4 or 5 nights there then 250 miles to our second destination. We will stay there, relax and enjoy camping before heading home. We will split the trip home into 3 days driving. I will say that I have pulled from Destin, Florida to St. Louis, Missouri in one day but that is definitely all I ever want to try. So... it is a personal preference. Relax, make memories, and enjoy your RV.
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Old 06-29-2018, 08:22 AM   #15
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I also vote for the “Time at the Wheel” concept. Having just driven from Maryland to Portland, OR, we had 400+ days and some right at 300 mile days. We were on a schedule so our stops were all just over-nighters. I found that when I drove more than 5 hours, I could feel its toll the next day. As has been said stops (rest stops, fuel, etc.) can cut into the pure driving time I am leaning to the lets “Keep it under 5 hours” each day to allow me to also enjoy the trip.
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Old 06-29-2018, 09:28 AM   #16
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It all depends on the roads being traveled. I just recently made a trip from Brigham City Utah to the Parker Colorado which was 562 miles. Traveling I-84 and I-80 was really easy but I-25 from Northern Colorado through Ft Collins to E-470 was no picnic with all the a**holes shooting down the on ramps and not knowing what yield and merge mean. When I-25 opened up past two lanes it was more comfortable.

I guess 7 hours behind the wheel is more manageable than miles traveled.
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Old 06-29-2018, 10:01 AM   #17
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Our longest tow is from Shelby Twp to Indianapolis. Little over 300 miles. It takes us about 6-1/2 to 7 hours depending on traffic through the cities and a couple of stops for fuel. DH cannot take much more than that. He does not let me drive.
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Old 06-29-2018, 06:54 PM   #18
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I generally figure 50 miles per hour average, including all fuel/ food breaks in that time.
We made a 1400 mile trip to Calif this spring from okc. 550, 450, 350 over 3 days. Coming home was 4 days as I was 'vacationed out'.
Up to you, really. It will be different every trip and maybe different leg to leg.
Always assess your physical condition, weather and competence prior to your trip.
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Old 06-30-2018, 03:59 AM   #19
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It depends...
1) How many Cracker Barrels the DW sees and how much tea she drinks at the Cracker Barrel.
2) How bad her feet have swollen.

I have pulled the 5th straight through from Bristol Tennessee to home, about 1,000 miles. It was brutal but I knew I would be home at the other end. I'm thinking it was about 16 hours, including a massive traffic jam at Baton Rouge.
Normally about 300 miles or 6 hours on the road is a good day.
The cabover...I just did 500 miles at 8 hours per Google map, which is really 9 hours including gas and fast food lunch. A lot easier and less stressful.
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Terrain, weather, time of day, traffic/construction/detours, those can all play a role in how far I feel comfortable traveling. Also, since I'm the only one who can drive, it limits how far I want to go. We always try to have our daily stop-over picked out along the route, which gives us the ability to decide our options. Usually we try to limit it to 350-400 miles daily.

Plus an active 8 year old riding driving from the rear seat can make even the shortest trip seem like a million miles...

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