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Old 06-03-2018, 08:52 AM   #61
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New Travel Trailer

They all have some issues, most can be fixed easily,
Go out and enjoy, we all start somewhere!

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Old 06-03-2018, 08:55 AM   #62
Site Team
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Originally Posted by mrb2222 View Post
We bought our Hideout 29bks last year new. We have been out 8 times and covered 4000 miles. Leaving next week for another 10 days. (yeah, retired) One minor issue which the dealer fixed.

There will always be things that pop up and need to be addressed. You are driving a house over rough roads. Learn how to maintain your camper and do preventive work on it too. Makeup a checklist or two for arrival and departure and maintenance checks. I've read "horror" stories about a lose drawer or misaligned door. Ugh!

Go have fun!
You bring up a good point. Towing any travel trailer on today's roads is very much the same as a S&B house enduring earthquakes and tornados every day. If it's raining, add in hurricanes and monsoons. Towing is not a "rolling box friendly" environment. It's truly remarkable that any RV will "stay together" the way they are used. Rather than "complaints about a loose drawer" it might well be "compliments" that the walls still are intact, given the potholes and undulations on every highway that we navigate at 65 MPH.


2015 F250 6.7l 4x4
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Old 06-03-2018, 09:57 AM   #63
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Originally Posted by yoster View Post

New member here. Just bought a 2018 Hideout 26LHSWE. Was on "sale" for 18,999. Kids loved the bunkbeds.
Anyway, I now feel sick. We've never bought ANYTHING new before, so this was a big deal for us. We were hoping since we got it relatively 'cheap' that the depreciation hit wouldn't be as bad, and we'd enjoy a nice new trailer.

Can anyone share any redeeming qualities of this trailer to help ease my nerves? Anyone own a hideout that really really likes it and thinks it was a good purchase decision?

Here are some pics of the kiddo's in front of it - they were sure excited!

Keep that pictures of the kids looking excited in front of you and in your mind, and NOT the little glitches in workmanship and quality you are sure to find, most of which should be covered under your "New" warranty (use the heck out of it, if need be; that's what it's for and why you bought "new"). Many things you can handle on your own with the help of the many experienced Keystone RVers on this list.

That "sick" feeling is probably "Buyers' Remorse" a well-known symptom of making a major purchase, and probably intensified in your case since you bought "new" when you usually don't. The cure? Get out there on a few trips with those cute kids of yours; I'll bet they're so happy and excited with the camping experience that you'll forget that "sick" feeling! Then, when you get home from the trip, you can tackle some of those "glitches" you undoubtedly find when you start using it. But just remember you have "resources" to help you with them, like that "new" warranty and the people on this list! Happy Camping!
Larry J Ford (SWNC)
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2013 Ford F-150 XLT Supercab, 3.5L V6 ecoBoost (turbo), 3.15 RAR, 8600 lbs. Tow Capacity, Equalizer WDH
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Old 06-03-2018, 09:59 AM   #64
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Every brand has someone with a horror story. Unfortunate but you won't typically hear the good stories because only the bad things get posted. Keystone has some of the highest quantity and quality items in trailerville. So far 3 brands and yes our Keystone Alpine had some problems too but nothing you can't deal with. Forest river b4 that was purchased new and had a ton of black tank problems etc that the factory never took care of and even that was livable for a couple years. Have done a LOT to our Alpine over the years and still love the brand and the 5th wheel.
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We have a 2017 Passport Grand Touring. We just returned from our first long trip. SE Oklahoma to Santa Rosa Island, Florida and back. We traveled over some extremely rough sections of interstate and highway. Once we got home, we went over the TT and did not find anything shaken loose. Enjoy your TT and your time with your children. They will be 18 before you know it!
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Old 06-03-2018, 11:15 AM   #66
Fuzion 369
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Congratulations!!!! Go enjoy it. You have warranty for a year. They will be things that need fixing. Just make a list as you go even if it is minor so that you donít forget. We have had 1 used trailer and 3 new trailers in the last 6 years and our keystone fuzion is the best trailer we have ever owned. It has been to the shop once already but nothing is perfect. I havenít read everyoneís replies yes but I did read triple ggg and he probably said it best. These will be times you and your family will remember for ever!! Enjoy!!!!
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We have a 2017 Hideout 25RKS. He just had the front and curb siding and decals replaced through my insurance due to severe hail damage suffered last year - a once-in-a-lifetime weather event in these parts. The tech that did the job said he was really impressed with the amount of framing on the trailer, which apparently is not the case with them all. I guess this is why my 25' unit weighs as much as some many feet longer. I was also impressed that the wall was fully packed with insulation - not a half-as_ed job as we've heard on some forum posts. We have the "Cold Mountain Package" but you're never sure they actually put it together like it shows in the brochure until you see it for yourself.

What we thought was a catastrophe last year has instead reassured me that our trailer (our first ever) is a solidly-constructed unit. Yes, there may be little issues pop up from time to time (we haven't had much) but I now know that I didn't invest in a piece of junk.
2017 Hideout 25RKS; 2016 F150 Ecoboost
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Old 06-03-2018, 03:32 PM   #68
Fuzion 369
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Awesome!!! Have fun!!!
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We have had our Hideout 29BKSfor 3 years and have only have one issue factory related. I had to install more flashing on my slide out to stop the floor from getting wet. My personal experience from things going wrong has been my fault. Things like leaving a little water in fresh tank and clogging the screen. Then taking the pump apart to investigate 🤪 Regular maintenance and care will go a long way. Donít worry and Happy Camping
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Old 06-03-2018, 04:41 PM   #70
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We are in our 7th season for our Cougar High Country 5th wheel and no regrets. Could it have been built stronger? Sure, but we needed the light weight at the time. Some trim came loose and we had the staples replaced with screws, some luan pantry shelves have been replaced with plywood, one set of stairs replaced under warranty and had the cracked stair bracket welded recently. I bought a stair saver to prevent further problems. Every thing else has just been routine maintenance and the fiver has at least 50,000 miles on it, some on some rough road. I am actually impressed.
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Originally Posted by Rickmuzick View Post
Like others have said... enjoy the memories you are abut to make as a family.

I have a 10 year old Outback Sydney fifth wheel and I have been completely happy with my purchase. Granted Keystones fivers are built to a different standard than stick and tin, but You have a BRAND NEW unit which means you have a warranty.

Notate anything that you have concerns about and get it back to the dealership when your weekend is over and get them on it.

Enjoy your Hideaway and have FUN

We just traded in our 2006 Outback Sydney 5th wheel for a 2013 Montana

HC 5th wheel. We had the Outback for 7 years with very few problems. I hope the Montana does as well.
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Old 06-03-2018, 05:36 PM   #72
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I have a 2016 Hideout 26RLE, or something like that. I went through the same thing you are going through. I did find a couple of things that needed work, but the dealer was most excellent in taking care of them. I am really enjoying the RV now and you will too. Like anything new, you need to learn how to take care of it and not let the first scratch get to you. One of the items which bugged me was the vinyl inserts around the doors. They would not stay in. I finally found a rubber type insert and it works wonderful. Strictly a cosmetic issue. Your family and you will enjoy it for years.
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Old 06-03-2018, 05:56 PM   #73
Phil Saran
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Can I add my two cents?

We have owned 3 travel trailers, 1 Class C MH, 1 cab over camper
and 1 Class A MH over the last 35 years. All had their good points
and a couple not so good points. Also add in 2 pop up campers in
the early years.

Wife hated the cab over, getting in and out of the bed was a pain
and she did not like the wet bath. Travel trailers lacked storage space
for longer trips, motor home had good storage space, 2 bathrooms and
slept 7, we have 5 grandkids, but never had more than 2 with us at a
time. Cost of maintenance was high and stability in the wind got to be
a problem even with over 2K worth of stabilizers front and rear.

I have always been happy with the travel trailers, but we are going to
move over to a 5th wheel trailer next. So I recently bought a diesel
truck in a price range I could afford (used) and we are going to close
on a 2018 Keystone Cougar 30RLS 5th wheel trailer at the
end of the month, but it is a 6 month old bank repo for a very fair price
(about 1/3 the cost of new) so if I do have to repair a few things that is OK.
Phil & Alberta Saran
2019 Keystone Cougar 30 RLS 5er
2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel 4x4
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Keystone problems

QUOTE=Triple GGG;288209]Congratulations! Go camping and don't worry about all the horror stories. Will you have some issues etc. Maybe, maybe not. I can tell you those two girls will remember the time spent together forever.

My two girls are now 25 and 19 and most of their favorite memories growing up were camping. Even when a storm destroyed our awning, this or that didn't work, etc etc they still had the time of their life.

If I dig hard enough I can find bad reviews on everything I own.

Put that picture in your car, at work and on your bathroom mirror. Go make memories that live forever.[/QUOTE]

I think the same. It doesnít matter what unit you have. Iíve had jack, forest river and keystone 2019 27 RES. No issues with any units. Could be somethings but you should be fine.
Camp your heart out make memories forever!
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Old 06-03-2018, 06:05 PM   #75
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enjoy camping and don’t stay up worrying. Make great memories with your family. Chances are you will not have issues. Happy Camping!
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:06 PM   #76
Phil Saran
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I admit it helps if you know which end of a screw driver to use to fix the things
that will break or fall off while you are using your RV.

If major things break, yes most of us will need to take it to a RV shop, but shop
around there are good shops through out the country to make repairs that are
not Camping World etc.
Phil & Alberta Saran
2019 Keystone Cougar 30 RLS 5er
2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel 4x4
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Old 06-04-2018, 12:06 AM   #77
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All trailers in the reasonable price range are built with fairly inexpensive parts so there will be minor problems with all brands, all brands. Yep, they all have problems here or there. Don't worry about it too much. The kids will scrape, bump, and dent the walls, doors, and floors, as will your big footed boots. Tree branches will scrape the side of your trailer, pebbles and rocks will hit, whether setting in your driveway or on the highway. Do your best to keep the damage to a minimum and repair what you can the best you can (or take it into the shop) but don't worry about it too much. Enjoy your adventures. Enjoy your family. You're only in this place and time once. Make the best of it.
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Smile I love this post!

All the positive replies reminds me why we love camping and our fellow campers!
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We have a Keystone made trailer and have put 30,000 miles on it, including multiple trips out West and Alaska. Our trailer is a Bullet Ultra-Lite and we have had very few problems with it that were not self-induced. For example, on the trip to Alaska I hit a series of bad frost heaves too fast and broken a spring hanger on the rear axle that required a new one be welded on. It also caused other problems that were not noticed at the time and that revealed themselves on a subsequent trip out West this past March. The spring in that same wheel broke and while getting all four springs replaced with multi-leaf springs it was discovered that the axle was bent, requiring a new axle. Again, I want to stress these problems were self-induced, but possibly helped by the very nature of ultra-lite construction óthin frame steel, etc. You really need to expect a few problems when you consider you are hauling the equivalent of a small house down the road and everything is being shaken constantly. We consider problems just part of the cost of the fantastic trips and great times weíve had. Go enjoy with your family and just deal with problems if/when they occur. Keep a positive outlook. Itís all part of the wonderful RV adventure.
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Years of Keystone

Are they the Best, probably not, are they the worst, same reply. Our 1st 5th wheel lasted 15 years and only after putting up our newly weds college kids in it for 2 years did it cry uncle. BTW it went around the country 3x and to Alaska straight out of the gate. We currently own a 2015 38' Fusion that also went to Alaska straight out of the gate and it has about 30,000 miles on it with very minor issues. We enjoy making memories and the kids enjoyed it more. Have fun fix what needs to be fixed when it happens. You would be doing that no matter who's TT you bought. Go camping.Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20150912_142432523.jpg
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2015 Fusion 325 Toy Hauler, w/ 2003 F250, 6.0 Power stroke, Air bags, stabilizer and rear torsion bar.

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