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Old 05-31-2018, 11:57 AM   #41
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"I found a near identical model, but a 2015, for 14k on Craigslist. I found another older one (but looked very nice - down the street) going for 11k."

Using that logic, I could have bought a 3 year old truck in 2015 for $40K rather than paying $65K for my new one. Looking at it today, that $40K truck is worth $30K and my 2015 truck is worth $50K.... Even used stuff depreciates, so buying that $11K used trailer and adding a extended warranty would still be "headed downward in value"... What will it be worth in 5 years?

Buying a toy is not an investment, it's like boats, ATV's, Motorcycles... The value is in the enjoyment and entertainment they provide, not in the resale value/investment potential....

You didn't make a "bad" purchase, just one that's "different from your past purchase history"....

When 3 or 4 years have passed and you look back at the intrinsic value of family time spent in the trailer, you'll have a significantly different perspective of trailer ownership....

Your parents Keystone should be a good example of what you can expect from your Keystone product. None of them are designed to "self-destruct" when the warranty expires..... Some do, almost all don't.... if you look at the history of those few, you'll almost always see the reasons why they aren't reliable and it's not how they were built......


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Old 05-31-2018, 12:29 PM   #42
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Well a pool seems to be like a camper in many ways, there are going to be things if you keep it long enough that need attention and replacing. It seems that I am always replacing something like a pump, a timer or even a salt generator. I think you made a better choice with the camper you can go anywhere and fish, hike, sight see and still swim or boating. Hey there ain`t to much you can`t fix with either one and with the support here you will be fine.

Kenny & Susan
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:26 AM   #43
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Don’t believe everything you read on Internet forums. There are 100 bad stories for every good one. The folks who are pleased with their purchase are busy building family memories while camping.

My daughter has had no issues with her Hideout and has so many great memories. My wife and I just bought a Montana and could not be happier. Keystone builds quality products across their model lines.

Happy trails!
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:31 AM   #44
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Stop worrying and have fun

Keystone RV’s have issues just like every other brand. The light models use lighter materials which feel cheaper. If you treat them with care...you’ll be fine. You might have to fix something here and there but that also part of the fun. Mods and upgrades allow you to personalize your unit to make it your own. YouTube will be your best friend!!!

Remember, the best memories are made usually when things don’t go as planned.

Enjoy the ride!!!!
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:35 AM   #45
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Originally Posted by Triple GGG View Post
Congratulations! Go camping and don't worry about all the horror stories. Will you have some issues etc. Maybe, maybe not. I can tell you those two girls will remember the time spent together forever.

My two girls are now 25 and 19 and most of their favorite memories growing up were camping. Even when a storm destroyed our awning, this or that didn't work, etc etc they still had the time of their life.

If I dig hard enough I can find bad reviews on everything I own.

Put that picture in your car, at work and on your bathroom mirror. Go make memories that live forever.

Awesome advice Triple GGG! I remember when my dad brought home a TT in 1967. It most definitely was not what you can buy now but that did not matter. There's a lot I don't remember from back then but I still remember camping trips we took in that trailer. Thank you Dad!!
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:36 AM   #46
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Don't sweat the small stuff if you are handy fix it your self the big stuff bring to the dealer.The first new one was a 2012 318SAB fiver lots of changes to it so it was livable for my wife and me only $35,000. Traded that infor a $120,000 41ft lifestile with a laundry list including chairs breaking,slides leaking,auto leveling inop. But we still love it. Enjoy it and enjoy the little one now for soon they will be teenagers
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:42 AM   #47
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Smile Don't Worry, be happy

We have a Keystone Trailer we bought last year and have taken it from southern CA to Oregon, Northern CA multiple times and to Albequerque, NM. We love it. Will you have minor problems, maybe, but this is the third trailer we've owned and each one from different manufacturer. All had minor things/issues. The basic appliance package is sound with Keystone and we've had no issues there. All in all, be happy and make memories your kids will have for the rest of their lives.
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:43 AM   #48
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Give it a chance

It sounds like you are inflicting “buyer’s remorse” upon yourself and it is a natural emotion after any big purchase. BUT, you have just planted a garden here, it’s time to watch it grow.

Your decision is a sound family decision. For me, family camping was made realistic by purchasing a camper. I bought new for my first purchase and felt the same way. As my children have grown, I can see many many benefits. Kids learn about the world outside by being outside in it. You will make new friends. You will stop wasting weekends spending your time walking through the mall. You will get a chance to step away from the “Technology Grind” and see the beauty of the outdoors; this is very therapeutic.

Regarding the horror stories you read about on this site, they will always be there. I once bought a new truck and went to the forums to be a part of the community, I left feeling sad because I saw a whole host of bad news. My truck has been fine.

My advice to you, go camping.
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:44 AM   #49
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My advice is to learn how to fix it yourself and then just do it. With the exception of major issues - which are very unlikely - don’t waste time going back and forth to the dealer and waiting for it to be repaired. Fixing it yourself develops a new confidence in your abilities and a more satisfying relationship with your RV. The memories are the important thing - and even a minor disaster can generate memories that will be recalled with laughter, or an appreciation for having survived it, in later years.
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:53 AM   #50
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2012 26RLS Hideout

I’ve so enjoyed my Hideout.........just go out and take in the RV experience with your family........fab memories.

I’ve had some issues however every trailer does.......you’ll just handle them as they come. RVer’s you meet along the journey are a great resource.

However, AFTER 5 years I just found out that the axels were installed UPSIDE DOWN and I only had about 1 1/2” clearance above the tires. This caused damage to the underside of the trailer. Not one mechanic found this problem until now. So, check the axels and clearance above the tires.
Also, after two years I replaced the tires with better quality ones.........made big difference.

Have fun!
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:58 AM   #51
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Good morning, My first camper was really cheap and we got lots of great memories out of it and few problems over 7 years. When we retired we got a sale on a Keystone and it took a little while to work out the kinks but the dealer was more a pain than Keystone was. If the dealer didn't move fast enough I called and Keystone got them moving. They were great. I bought a more expensive model than you but never had ANY regrets. Love my unit. Can take my pups with me and it works for us a lot better than the old unit. Don't worry, take pictures, go online when you have an issue and enjoy your down time with your wife and kids. I never had that growing up. But I enjoy it now.
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Old 06-03-2018, 07:59 AM   #52
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Originally Posted by yoster View Post
This is great news - thanks everyone. Really appreciate it, seriously. My wife was getting quite frustrated with my 'sour mood' this afternoon so she sends her thanks as well lol.

That's buyer's remorse, Yoster. It's the crash that comes after the endorphin release that everyone gets when they spend a lot of money on something. Not everyone crashes into remorse tho. In any case I think it helps knowing that what you're currently feeling is just a part of your body chemistry.

I suggest you take that picture of your daughters on their bunk bed and keep it prominently displayed in your car/truck, at work and several places at home. You're young and have a beautiful family with those girls. You are going to build memories for yourself, your wife and your daughters. These are links you need to have a relationship with your daughters through the "trouble" years to come.

There will likely come a time when they think you are one of the dumbest, most obnoxious people on earth. At least that's how they'll make you feel, but deep down they'll have those memories of the good times, those things that are funny now (but may not have been then) and they will know you love them. One day they'll come back to earth and be great children again in part because of those memories.

The $20k you spent will seem like a pittance compared to the value you'll get from the time you'll spend with your family.

BTW, don't sweat the small stuff. Stuff will break. You'll do something stupid and be pissed with yourself. How you handle it will also help your daughters learn how to handle problems in their lives. At 66 I paid the price, built those memories and have two great adult children. Enjoy your time with them. This part passes all too quickly.
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Old 06-03-2018, 08:01 AM   #53
Triple GGG
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Originally Posted by Rixtoyz View Post
Awesome advice Triple GGG! I remember when my dad brought home a TT in 1967. It most definitely was not what you can buy now but that did not matter. There's a lot I don't remember from back then but I still remember camping trips we took in that trailer. Thank you Dad!!
My granddad started taking me camping when I was in diapers they say. I don't remember that but I remember many many trips. My favorite was he took me camping for my high school graduation. Just me and him for a full week. Those times are priceless. He's been gone 20 years now but I can still hear his voice and advice like it was yesterday.
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Old 06-03-2018, 08:03 AM   #54
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Originally Posted by yoster View Post

New member here. Just bought a 2018 Hideout 26LHSWE. Was on "sale" for 18,999. Kids loved the bunkbeds.

My wife and I looked hard at used TT's, but couldn't find something we liked. We wanted to stay in the 10k range.. but decided it would be a better investment (not a REAL 'investment'.. you know what I'm trying to say..) to go with a new one without any hidden problems as this was to be our new "family thing" (we have two daughters - a 5 and 7 year old.)

I noticed when purchasing that materials were on the cheaper side, but didn't think much about it. Upon getting home however, I'm seeing a *LOT* of horror stories about keystone. I didn't think much about it while shopping - we looked at Starcraft and Jayco as well and I could have sworn they were all identical - well they looked like it anyway. I figured they were all built in the same place and equally 'good' quality.

Anyway, I now feel sick. We've never bought ANYTHING new before, so this was a big deal for us. We were hoping since we got it relatively 'cheap' that the depreciation hit wouldn't be as bad, and we'd enjoy a nice new trailer.

Can anyone share any redeeming qualities of this trailer to help ease my nerves? Anyone own a hideout that really really likes it and thinks it was a good purchase decision?

Here are some pics of the kiddo's in front of it - they were sure excited!

As previously stated, the memories your kids will have from camping will stick with them forever. We are on our 4th RV : Tent Trailer, 21 Ft. Hybrid, 27 Ft. TT. and now a 32 Ft. 5th Wheel. Our best times were with our kids in that Tent Trailer, they still talk about those trips... Don't sweat the small details, go out and explore while your kids still like hanging out with you 👍😂
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Old 06-03-2018, 08:07 AM   #55
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Originally Posted by Northofu1 View Post
PS. All RV's are the same, made to depreciate.

LOL! I love that line. Thanks for the chuckle.
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Like others have said... enjoy the memories you are abut to make as a family.

I have a 10 year old Outback Sydney fifth wheel and I have been completely happy with my purchase. Granted Keystones fivers are built to a different standard than stick and tin, but You have a BRAND NEW unit which means you have a warranty.

Notate anything that you have concerns about and get it back to the dealership when your weekend is over and get them on it.

Enjoy your Hideaway and have FUN
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Old 06-03-2018, 08:27 AM   #57
Irv gates
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Congrats on the purchase. My neighbor is presently looking at the same trailer. As you he looked at Jaco and others also. I think he was looking at a purchase price of 22K. If you have any problems, write them up and take to your dealer or the closest Keystone dealer to get you warranty work. My keystone Montana had varies problems in the first year but the dealership close to me took care of them ,no Questions asked the first Year. Every camper I have ever owned had some problems. Its just the nature of the Beast so to speak. Just look over you camper before you go on trips and and you should be good to go.
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Old 06-03-2018, 08:38 AM   #58
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From the picture you dodged the dreaded cable slide out . If i had to do it all over I would have found one with out cable slide . The old rack and pinion slides where the best .
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Old 06-03-2018, 08:48 AM   #59
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We bought our Hideout 29bks last year new. We have been out 8 times and covered 4000 miles. Leaving next week for another 10 days. (yeah, retired) One minor issue which the dealer fixed.

There will always be things that pop up and need to be addressed. You are driving a house over rough roads. Learn how to maintain your camper and do preventive work on it too. Makeup a checklist or two for arrival and departure and maintenance checks. I've read "horror" stories about a lose drawer or misaligned door. Ugh!

Go have fun! The memories last forever. I have 4 kids. They all camp. Two have campers (Outback and Jayco). They are raising their kids to camp too. Life at its best.
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Ww just upgraded to an Outback from a 2014 28BHS hideout. For our first trailer it was more than we could have hoped for. We owned it for 4 years and had no problems at all and we are out almost every weekend from May to September.

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