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Old 08-01-2016, 05:30 PM   #21
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Ittle Dew Too, Howdy;

Don't let one or a few folks get your feathers ruffled. The vast majority of
folks on here are just regular folks and probably read your previous post
about finding all of yours on the floor and solving your problem by simply
screwing them back on.
As I'm the one that asked for the photo in the first place. I did that so that
others would have a better idea of what it was you were talking about.
Sorry it lead to your being upset as a result.


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Old 09-16-2018, 04:09 AM   #22
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Sewer smell

I have a 2014 Keystone Alpine 3600RS

After I drain my black tank, have sewer smell from the shower - 99% sure that the trap under the shower isn't a P Trap!!!!! I believe that the problem is the HepvO waterless P-trap malfunction - look it up and see what you got - it's a tube that has a rubber hose inside that opens for water to go out - - if it doesn't close correctly, sewer gas will come into the living space.

check this video -

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Old 09-16-2018, 04:37 AM   #23
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If you have "black tank smells" coming from your shower drain, it's leaking through the HEPV-O valve, but your problem is likely to be in the way you're draining your black tank. There "should" be no communication between the shower drain and the black tank. Essentially, for sewer smells to be emitted through the shower drain, they first have to migrate from the trailer sewer dump fitting (the location where the gray and black tank contents are plumbed to meet) back through the gray tank 1.5" discharge line, through the gray tank, up the shower plumbing, through the HEPV-O valve and into the shower. There "should" be no black tank gas making it that far "up the gray holding tank lines and into the tank" much less from there into the shower pan...

I'd take a look at your dumping process and try closing your gray tank valve, at least for a couple hours after dumping to see if your black tank contents/gas/smell are really backflowing through your gray hold tank system... I'd almost bet it's coming from something else, even if the HEPV-O valve is bad, you should not have any smell from the black tank getting that far backed up on the gray tank side.

ADDED: You might want to consider using a gray tank cleaner for a couple of tanks of gray waste. Sometimes the gray waste water can be "worse on the nose" than black tank waste. Typically, it's the galley that really smells bad, but the bathroom tank can get bad as well. And on many trailers, there's only one gray tank for galley and bath, so they take an extra effort to keep the smells down.

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Old 09-16-2018, 04:45 AM   #24
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I have 3 tanks and the sewer gas will come up through the shower ( that is the exact reason for the traps, to stop sewer gas from coming up through the drains)after I close the black and reopen the the grey tanks is when I have the problem - the sinks have P traps do not spell, the shower doesn't have a conventional P-trap.
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My one way valve for the shower drain is in my storage compartment in a horizonal drain line according to the walkthrough guy when we bought it.
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Originally Posted by Ittle Dew Too View Post
As I stated, my camper is in storage. No, I did not purchase it online as my camper already has three of them, I did however try my best to find a picture of what it looks like to aid in another's search to fix a problem.

I should have known to clearly state the fact that it was a photo and not a purchase so as not to confuse people.

I should have also known better than to try to help, as I knew others would question my post, the locations, the type and function of the caps, and any other thing that might not be exactly like their trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, hybrid tent camper, truck camper or anything else in vast sea of camper types and models that I failed to cover, to their level of satisfaction.

I do hope, however, the person who was looking for help found the picture helpful in determining if their vent caps were missing or in place.
I read these posts several times and my take on John's comments in not thinking you bought it from that website I took as a precursor to his comments so as NOT to offend you. I'm not speaking for, nor defending just giving you my interpretation. John didn't say gee whiz you fool you paid way too much for that but rather was informing the general readership (which recently has had a huge influx of "newbies" that are experiencing their first camper) to be aware of the different price points for the same item and how not everything in an RV is RV specific. That was my interpretation, yours was obviously different.

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