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Maintenance Log

Hi. We have a 2012 Springdale 298. It has been in our campground since April 2013. We will be taking it out of the campground for a 2 month trip to Florida in January and February. When I looked at the roadside assistance plan that we have, it stated that if we had a claim, we had to be able to show them a maintenance log. I was wondering what maintenance should be done. What do you think they would expect to see? We take good care of our TT but since we haven't had it on the road, I'm afraid there might be something that we missed. The roadside assistance plan said we need to follow the guidelines that came with the manual but we bought it used and never got a manual. Thanks for your help.

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Are you talking about a roadside assistance plan or some kind of extended warranty plan? My interpretation of "roadside assistance" is that if you find yourself with a flat tire on your RV or TV or some other issue such as a mechanical breakdown that renders you unable to move, then roadside assistance would "come to your rescue". I'm not aware of any such plan that would require that a maintenance log be kept or that you had to follow certain guidelines.

Some types of extended warranties and especially some of the newer "lifetime" warranties that are given at the time of purchase of a new RV may have this kind of expectation along with specific guidelines and may be referred to as "roadside assistance".

Perhaps it's all semantics but I can't be of much help in what kind of maintenance - other than regular, preventative - they would want to see in a log. You would think they would have spelled that out for you in the agreement or guidelines that came with the manual.

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Before you take the trailer on a road trip. The most important part I think is the most over looked. Tires, valve stems, wheel bearings and brakes. Even if the trailer has not been on the road the tires wear out, wheel bearing need grease, brakes may or may not work right, valve stems rot. At least take tires off and check for side wall cracks, flat spots, replace valve stems with metal valve stems check or repack the bearings, look at the brakes and drums. There are other things to check yearly but, sounds like you are keeping up with with other items, mainly checking for and stopping water leaking into the trailer.
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Welcome to the forum and to Keystone RVing. If you go to the Keystone RV website:

You will find several versions of the Owner's Manual. Download the latest version (the one on top) and refer to the chart on page 78. It is essentially a "check-list" of things that need to be checked/maintained during the year. You will note that several of the items have an * beside them. The footnote at the bottom of the chart indicates that you should refer to the manufacturer's information regarding maintenance on those items.

The chart is broken down into pre-trip, post-trip, monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months and yearly.

Essentially, Chapter 13, Care and Maintenance, which is on pages 71 - 78 will give you a very detailed idea of exactly what you should be doing in the way of inspection and maintenance on your RV. The chart, however, is a pretty concise way to keep a record of when you do each item. You "could" simply copy/print that chart and write in the date on each item as you perform it. Keep the chart with your owner's manual and print a new copy for each year.

If, however, you have one of the "lifetime" or "forever" warranties, be aware that they have specific, detailed inspections and maintenance requirements that must be done by the dealer (or a licensed RV facility) on a regular basis. This service is not free and does not "come with the warranty". The "charge for inspection and maintenance" is the price you pay for the "free" warranty.

If there is any question, I would urge you to contact the person who informed you of the requirement to keep a maintenance record (for the roadside assistance plan) and get the specific requirements from them. The contact information should be on the literature that you were reading about the requirements. There is seldom a better source of information about something "specific" than to get it "straight from the horse's mouth".....

Good Luck

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roadside assistance, to me, is used for when you brake down, no probably asks for a "log of maintenance." if this is what you actually have, get anoher program, i.e. good sams.

what you are referring too probably is an extend warranty, world's apart. just get with your warranty service provide and ask them your questions.
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mrebele, Howdy;

If your "insurance" company is that picky, I'd use the link that
JRTJH posted. However, I'd get the one that applies to your
model year as there will be some slight differences from model
year to model year. Now I'm not advocating any type of falsification
of the records, but if you think back about the times when you did
do the recommended maintenance items, I would make a notation us
of them and different pens for different years..... only a suggestion.......

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I think I misspoke when I did my original posting. It is an extended warranty which includes roadside assistance. The log is needed for repairs that must be pre-approved but not for roadside assistance. I apologize for the confusion. Thank you everyone for your patience and your suggestions. I think the extended warranty company wants to make sure we have done our due diligence in maintaining our trailer. I plan to read over the manual as per the suggestion of JRTJH. We'll also pay special attention to the tires. Hankaye, we won't need to falsify anything but we may have to estimate a date or 2. We know what has been done and about when but not always the exact date. With all of that done, we should be in good shape. Thanks everyone.

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