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Nicely done.
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grubby, don't be offended. You started a passionate discussion with people who are passionate about their experiences. There will be novices that read this and learn from it. Thanks for your post!

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enjoy your new toy. I'm sure many happy times will be made.
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Grubby, I'm with you. I, too, have been pulling everything possible since the '60's so am no novice. The only reason I now have a 2500 diesel is because I went full time and had a fiver that went 11-12000 pds so certainly was beyond a half ton. I now have a small trailer and, sure,the 2500 pulls it better and easier than any 1500. Is it necessary? No. I pulled several trailers in your weight range with a 1500 through the Rockies, all the way to Cabo San Lucas and all over the west. Never had a problem and because the truck was my daily driver never regretted it for a moment. As long as you are willing to take it slower and not push it those bigger is always better people just have an opinion--not fact.

As for stopping, got to admit I'm not quite sure what people keep talking about. If your trailer brakes are adjusted properly a full pedal to the metal stop should still keep the trailer from pushing the truck. And sway? Same answer. A properly loaded trailer shouldn't sway. Period. It doesn't mater what is pulling it.

Of course if you are way out of specs--pulling a 40', 10,000# trailer with a half ton-- But we're talking about a trailer well within specs. Guess I'm one of the few on this site that doesn't believe bigger is always better. Of course, I also have friends who can't figure out why I live in a 1150' house when I could afford 2000'. LOL

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Old 09-19-2014, 12:15 PM   #25
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I experienced the same lecture when I bought my 319RLS earlier this year and posted my experience about pulling it with a 1/2 ton. There are those that wholeheartedly believe you should pull a 20' trailer with a 3500 dualie...for whatever reason. There are those that want to pull 12,000lb RVs with a 1/2 ton. Use the numbers, load appropriately, equip the truck with the right stuff (wd hitch, tires, air bags etc.) and you will have a great time. I convinced myself to upgrade to a 3/4 ton pickup partially due to conversations on this forum. What did I get? I spent a large amount of money, have brakes that are less responsive than the 1/2 ton - although bigger, have a much larger truck that is harder to park (had to modify the front ledge in my garage), doesn't run as well and a ride that has already pretty much liquified my kidneys (due to the 80lb required in the rear tires). The towing experience was somewhat improved but to say "night and day" and terms like that is way overstating it. Would I do it again....I need to pull the rv in more diverse terrain than I have to date to determine that.

Like you, I received the comments about possibly don't have the money, payments too big and those little observations. Although those comments are seemingly directed at "you" I don't think they are. I took them personally and I can buy anything I want...without worrying about acquiring a payment. There are lots of good observations that warrant consideration and thought - just understand that the comments are to help. They were one of the considerations when I decided to buy the 3/4 ton. I knew what I had, but reflecting on the posts I read here, and wanting to be completely safe, I made the switch. Now I hope it was worth it - BUT, at least I now have clearance lights on the cab!!
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Originally Posted by sourdough View Post

Like you, I received the comments about possibly don't have the money, payments too big and those little observations. Although those comments are seemingly directed at "you" I don't think they are. I took them personally and I can buy anything I want...without worrying about acquiring a payment.
Let me clear about one thing, none of the comments I made about first-time RV buyers who may not have the financial means to buy a "bigger tow vehicle" were directed at grubby or any other individual. This remark was meant as one possible reason why it may not be possible for some, particularly young, newbies to RVing, to have the funds to afford both - a new RV plus an appropriate, properly equipped tow vehicle. Some, out of necessity, are more or less "forced" to stick with the TV that they have.

I put that out there as a general comment and possible explanation and I believe that it may be true in some circumstances.

I was not implying that the poster didn't have the funds nor was I questioning or doubting his financial position. His finances are his business - not mine.

It's unfortunate that my remarks were taken to heart and found to be offensive or intrusive. They were not intended that way.
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Old 09-19-2014, 04:05 PM   #27
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The part of my post you copied said I didn't believe comments about financial status was directed at any particular person. I think when one posts a question about a particular, personal situation and gets a reply that sort of takes in everything it's easy to think that the response is to "you".

By his response I believe Grubby interpreted it that way and I was trying to point out the fact that they weren't in fact directed his way - just general observation. I'm now in my mid 60's and have lived at most levels of the financial spectrum; from walking alleys collecting coke bottles to sell for 2 cents so we could buy a 10 cent can of chicken noodle soup to keep from starving to owning various properties/stuff and not really worrying about a bank balance. I have absolutely lived the scenarios you depict; could only afford one payment, need to use the truck I have, want as much as I can get and on and on. You were spot on in describing what we, as humans, do to try to rationalize our wants. Whether it fits the person posting you don't know but you tried to hit all the help.

I said in my post that these conversations on this forum were part, a large part, of my decision to re-think my decision to pull my rv with the truck I had. I had the latitude of going out and buying a new truck..some folks don't. Please know that when I say the input was a large part of of my decision to go to a 3/4 understand that I had already crunched numbers until I was cross eyed to make sure the 1/2 ton would work (and more than anything.....told my wife it would - no new truck needed); weighed the truck/trailer etc.; packed, weighed etc. etc. The comments made here made me think further, and harder, about my decision and my willingness to "take it to the limits". In the old days, before the internet and this type of forum, I would never have changed my mind because that's the way I am. I did, and even if I have partially liquified kidneys due to the ride of the truck, when I feel a pull, tug, whip etc. the first thing that crosses my mind is not "Dear God, did I forget to empty a tank, did I misload, what did I do wrong....please don't let this do something crazy" - simply because I knew I was at the limits on my load. I don't have that now and whether real or imagined, the mental relief makes me feel much better.

On my first reading of some of the responses to my original email I felt as I think Grubby did. Upon reflection I understood what the posts were trying to say and I'm good with it. We all share a passion for an activity that we all enjoy. The help that we can bring each other is immeasurable. Thank you for your efforts, input and willingness to help.
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