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Last year, first trip out with our new to us Bullet (upgraded from a popup). Our return trip we stopped to get some dinner. Initially I had planned to park in a large parking lot 1 block from where we were eating. It was a medical office so nobody was there on a Sunday evening. When we pulled onto the street I realized it was pretty wide and there was a fairly large cul de sac I could turn around in and we could park right in front of where we’re going to be and I could “keep an eye” on my new purchase. The DW suggested I stick with my original plan as when we go off the cuff it never ends well. Naturally I dismissed her. It didn’t end well. The cul de sac wasn’t as big as it first appeared and I had to turn sharper than I thought would. The victim, our 7 way plug. Severed right in half by the tongue and hitch. We are 1.5hrs from home with no trailer brakes and no lights. Dinner didn’t taste as good and it was my favorite place to stop when I pass through. While we were eating, I started googling looking for anyone that would have a replacement. Camping World was nearby, Tractor Supply Center, etc., all closed. Autozone didn’t have it in stock. My last resort was Walmart right across the street. Of course not in stock either but did have a nice little package of connectors. A new stripper/crimper and connections crimped and nothing. Still no brakes or lights. Redo connections, double check everything, it all looks good. Nothing again. 10 miles down the interstate is a truck stop, surely they’ll have something. I decide that’s what we’ll do. That’s an easy enough drive, my biggest worry will be the exit ramp when I get there but I’ll drive really slow to be as safe as I can. Get to the truck stop and no help there. Now I’m contemplating abandoning my camper as we are still nearly 1.5hrs before we’re home. I start to find somewhere I can be out of the way before I ask permission to leave it when suddenly “ding”’ TRAILER CONNECTED appears on my display. Verify lights are on and do a few quick trailer brake checks and we are off like a prom dress. I don’t know what happened but I didn’t want to chance it trying to find out. A 4-5hr return trip including a stop for dinner turned into an 8hr ordeal but we made it home safe and Monday after work I had a new 7 way installed with a mangled spare. Always stick to the plan.

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Great story and I love the prom dress remark.


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Ah, yes, to be young and stupid again....
(Okay, I'll say it. Instead of old and stupid)
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Originally Posted by Msmith2054 View Post
Guess I should replace it before season starts. You think? Are there any on the market better than others, or are they all pretty much the same?
I looked around on Amazon and the Walmart site and found a lot of them. Harbor Freight even has a couple.

I went with one that was very close in size and design as the one originally on my TT. It was very easy to install; bolt pattern is standard. I did put a new in-line fuse on the wire. I went with another 30 amp but a flat fuse instead of a glass round one.
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Originally Posted by daveinaz View Post
My best remembered "oops" was when we first took our motorhome out for its virgin camping trip. Our 100# white Labradoodle felt that his job was to supervise. He did this by standing on the appropriately named doghouse up front and look out the windshield. Well, as we were leaving we pulled into the circle to the dump station. Everyone was staring at us as we pulled around. I assumed it was because they were looking at the big dog inside. Nope. When it was finally our turn to dump, I got out and walked around the front of the motorhome to get to the dump controls -- it was then that people were staring, not at the dog, but at the TV antenna I had left extended on the roof!!

After that I got one of those red "Remove Before Flight" tags at an airshow and started hanging it from the antenna crank handle!!
Daveinaz - back when my wife and I did more road trips, I made up a "close up list" of sorts. At the time we had a crank up antenna and a few other things like x-chocks and stabilizer jacks that would make a mess if you forgot to take care of them before moving. Just follow the list and you can't go wrong.
Maybe it was my Navy training, or pulling two trailers as a CDL driver...but I learned to have a routine, a process if you want to get all fancy with names. Hooking up two trailers should be done the same way, in the same order, every time. It becomes automatic after a while. What messes up small minds like mine is getting distracted right in the middle of the exercise. Best thing to do is start over and verify your steps.
As someone else posted, we often put a little weight on the tongue jack to take the load distribution bars off or put them on. That's an invitation for just the distraction I was referring to. It's not on my list, but I do it about half the time.
My only camper faux pas so far (let's not bring up the CDL gaffs) was last year, alone, pulling in the slide at my home campground and forgetting that my portable wheeled dukey tank was leaning against the side of the slide. Gee that slide motor is a strong one... I bent out the skirting around the wheel cutout about 5 inches. Impossible to straighten without taking the panel off because I put a kink in the skin, good thing it's on the trailing edge, wind-wise. So off to Ocean City MD I went with a TT a couple inches wider than stock. Oops. Not very noticeable, but I know it's there.
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Originally Posted by Msmith2054 View Post
My tongue jack has been very loud when going either direction for a year now. I also blew the fuse once, had to manually operate it, lost the rubber plug, and it rained on the way home wetting the internals. Now the switch is acting up, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Guess I should replace it before season starts. You think? Are there any on the market better than others, or are they all pretty much the same?
I keep waiting for mine to die so I can justify buying a wireless one. Husky makes one rated for 4500 lbs.

I figure with the backup camera, and wireless jack I could get hooked up by myself without ever leaving the driver seat.
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My trailer came with a manual jack. Literally the first thing I upgraded was to a powered jack. I got this Husky model:


Have been extremely happy with it so far. It is absolutely overkill, and should also last me forever haha.
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I am guilty of that too
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I too feel your pain...A couple of years ago we were camping in Door County, Wisconsin in the spring. It was a cold rainy morning as we were hooking up to head home. In my haste to get out of the rain and get going I forgot to raise the tongue jack. As I pulled out of the camp site it felt as if the trailer brakes had locked up but what I found left me with a pit in my stomach. My new Husky tongue jack was bent beyond help. The campground owner lent me a sawzall to cut the bent shaft off so I could get it home 6 hrs away.
The tongue jack was a Christmas gift from my wife and only used once before this incident. I called customer service and explained that this was entirely my fault for being in a hurry and I expected to pay for any parts needed to repair it. The woman sympathized with me and said don't worry we'll take care of it. Husky sent me a brand new jack after I sent them pictures of proof that I destroyed the damaged one. After that I double check my entire rig before leaving, and the wife does a backup walk around to verify I didn't miss anything. The Husky jack is probably the best improvement I made on the four year old trailer and I'm grateful for Husky's customer service.

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