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Frank G
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I do not know how the Laredo 325RL got introduced into this post, but I would like to clear the air. They are a good value for the price and they tow great. No chucking, except when towed with a Ford, based on my personal experience. Most units come with the front Air and this increases the dry weight to about 11,025. It would be hard to own a unit this size without 2 A/C on board. Fully loaded with some water it scales about 12,500 with a pin weight about 2,400 lbs. These are real figures and experiences from a real owner. Thank You.

2017 Laredo 325RL
Travelers Rest Resort
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Originally Posted by GMcKenzie View Post
Gotta convert that to Cdn $ for me. I think the Diesel will push $100K
I am up in Kamloops, I did the same thing three years ago. traded in a 29 foot trailer we loved on a 39 foot 5th wheel. hands down the 5th wheels have more and better storage than the trailer, even if they were the same size. as for the truck bed, you can still load it up in front of the hitch and behind the hitch, and along the sides as long as you stay under the box rails. I ended up putting a box in front of my hitch and just put the odd thing behind (mostly firewood). the front pass through storage in a 5th more than makes up for my lack of box space.

as for trucks, I had a older diesel 3/4 ton which was just a little to small for the new trailer so I traded up to a slightly used f350 diesel. got it for around 50k where it cost 86K 2 years prior new. so you don't need to go get the 100k truck, look for a 2 year old lease return in good shape. if you don't mind driving a duel rear wheel look for one of those, then you are set for any thing you purchase to haul.


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All I can say is I love my 5th wheel compared to my old tongue pull. My old tongue pull was a 24 ft. My new 5th is a 36'. With the same truck the 36' 5th only added 4' to my overall length, since now the hitch is in the middle of the bed, where as before you had 4' from the old trailer to the hitch, then attached to the ball on the back bumper. Plus it tows so much nicer. I have a retractable cover on my truck so I can pull it close to the hitch and still put things in the bed, but, the 5th has so much storage space.
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Smile 5th wheel + truck

Originally Posted by GMcKenzie View Post
So we have a 2010 Cougar 30RKS that has been pretty much trouble free, but has a couple annoyances. Mostly storage, but fridge size is also a bit annoying.

For info it's just me, DW and a couple small dogs (Westies)

We started kicking tires at the RV stores for fun. Always a bad idea.

Came across the 33MLS at the local store (where I bought the once I have now) and liked it, but started looking online and found the 33 SAB. 2 fridges, big pantry and full closet across the front of the trailer. Have not seen one in real life yet, but the 3d walkthroughs look good.

Floorplan here

But, at 10,500 lbs, my current truck won't tow it. So thinking long term would be a new truck as well as a trailer.

So now I'm wondering if a 5th wheel wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm kinda against it as I think having the truck bed empty will be more useful, but most of what I put in it would go in the trailer basement anyway.

Now this is not a this year thing, but I'm curious if there is a comparable sized 5th wheel with a good sized fridge or fridges and closet space. What would folks recommend compared to the 33 SAB?

I'm going to do the new truck first, but don't want to go undersized if I go 5th wheel (don't really want a dually though). Truck will be gas, likely a new 2020 GMC 2500 or 3500.

Anyway, just continuing my tire kicking.
I have 2018 Cougar 28sgs 5th wheel with f250 diesel, gross 10,000,i wouls suggests a diesel if your going west or the any mountains states, gas just wont get it done .
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Originally Posted by Happycamper2018 View Post
I have 2018 Cougar 28sgs 5th wheel with f250 diesel, gross 10,000,i wouls suggests a diesel if your going west or the any mountains states, gas just wont get it done .
Depending on cargo, passengers and trim level for the F250 diesel, I'd recommend considering a F350, even for the Cougar Half Ton series trailers. As the owner of a F250 diesel Lariat trim level and a Cougar XLite 27RKS, I'm at/near/slightly over the 10K GVW of my "almost the same thing as a F350" truck. It would be very nice, with the legal issues that seem to be growing day by day, to have the extra payload. With a gas engine, the extra 600 pounds of payload can make a "world of difference" in whether you stay below the GVW or exceed it. With a diesel, the F350 makes that same "world of difference" and at most Ford dealerships, the price between the two is usually less than adding a tonneau cover.

2015 F250 6.7l 4x4
2014 Cougar X Lite 27RKS
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I recently went thru the process and went gas. I purchased a 2017 F350 long bed crew cab SRW with the 6.2L gas engine. Don't go with the 3/4 ton. My towing capacity is 12,000lbs and payload is 4000lbs. Your pin weight is 15 to 25% of your loaded trailer and only by weighing after purchase will you know your exact pin weight but it is likely to be more than you think. So I purchased a light 5th wheel, Cougar 30RLS with a listed gross vehicle weight of 11,000. So I am under my towing weight and even if max pin weight of approx. 2500lbs, I have lots of payload left. As stated with gas, you have high revs going uphill with no real torque left. I just go slow in the right lane and take my time. If you ever think you might want an even larger rig, then get the diesel. Now is the time to plan this out and do it once. Better to have more truck than needed than less. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Sinton4616 View Post
I went from a 34ft TT to 36ft FW. To us, the differences is night and day. With the FW we have more storage then the TT ever did. I also find the FW easier to hitch up and tow.

Storage - FW or toy hauler will give you a larger cargo capacity.
Larger fridge - Have you considered a residential style fridge? Can get 18CU FT fridge in a lot of units today. Ours has one and we love it, especially the ice maker.

Weight - TT will beat the FW if plan on keeping your current truck. But if you are planning on upgrading to a larger truck, do yourself a favor and go for a 1 ton. That'll give you more options down the road. Cost difference between a 3/4 to 1 ton single wheel truck is around 2K or so.

You don't need a dually to tow a FW, as long as you're within your weights. Plenty of light weight FW coming in under 13K where a single wheel 1 ton would handle easily. For example: https://www.keystonerv.com/fifth-whe...l-fifth-wheel/ Just be mindful of your total weights, etc. If you're planning on going larger, then the dually. Having towed a FW with a 2500, a borrowed F-350 single wheel and the current F-350 dually in my signature, I find the dually makes for a more relaxed towing experience. PLEASE do not tow a triple axle FW or TH with a 2500 truck. Seen enough of those this last vacation.

As for loosing your bed, from front to back I have a tool box on my truck, the FW hitch and have made a wooden box that is against the tailgate of the truck when going down the road. In the wooden box I store an extra propane bottle, can hold 2x20 lb bottles, my blocks, chocks, etc. It's out of the way and under the bedroom/overhang of the FW to keep things from walking away.

You'll still have some room in the bed of your truck to store things, just not as much. But you also gain a larger cargo capacity in the FW. Keep in mind the weights and cargo capacity of the truck as you've got to add the pin weight and hitch.

I'm not trying to convince you a FW is the way to go, just trying to help you make an "informed decision". Happy Hunting.
Haven't done any window shopping in a long time,, do the newer big refrigerators run on gas and electric, or just electric ?
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Dometic and Norcold both make a 4 door fridge/freezer that have the traditional absorption cooling unit that uses LP or a 110V element for the heat source.

2012 Copper Canyon 273FWRET being towed by a 1994 Ford F350 CC,LB,Dually diesel.
Airlift 5000 bags, Prodigy brake control, 5 gauges on the pillar.Used to tow a '97 Jayco 323RKS.

Now an RVIA registered tech. Retired from Law enforcement in 2008 after 25+ yrs.
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Originally Posted by chuckster57 View Post
Dometic and Norcold both make a 4 door fridge/freezer that have the traditional absorption cooling unit that uses LP or a 110V element for the heat source.
Thanks, was curious

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