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Check engine light. Code problems.

The "check engine light" comes on quite often. I read the code with a code reader, then take it to a Ford dealer. They do the diagnostic testing and tell me they can't find a problem. I've gotten 3 different codes. Been to different dealerships and they all say the same thing. I'm thinking it might be an electrical problem with the computer. Anyone ever experienced some similar? Thanks. 2011 Ford 6.7 diesel.

Sandy & Ann
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Might help if you include the codes and the circumstances that produces the SES coming on. There are specific truck forums that you may find beneficial. Here, you basically have a 1 in 3 chance of someone that owns a Ford that MIGHT have had the issues. The chances of looking at say the ford truck forums would greatly increase your odds.

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A couple of things come to mind.

On some code readers, the codes are erased when the code reader is disconnected (or through a key stroke on the reader).. So, it's possible that you can read the codes, on disconnection, the codes are erased, you take the vehicle to the dealer and there are no codes in memory.

There are some "temporary codes" that illuminate the "check engine" light, but when the condition resolves, that code is corrected and the "check engine" light turns off. One such condition is the oil pressure. At startup, with low oil pressure, the "check engine" light might turn on, then, after the truck warms up, RPM increases and oil pressure also increases, the light may go out. This was a prevalent issue with older VW air cooled engines...

Anyway, without knowing more than a "very basic, the light comes on" and no description of what codes, what system, what circumstances, it's a "wild guess" to give any answer.

Much more information is needed to even understand what you're describing.

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+Ruff Rider
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You can't turn off the CEL then take it to the dealer. you need to leave the light on. They can't fix what isn't having problems at the time. Is your truck modified or stock? That has a lot to do with things. If your truck is modified a dealer may not even look at it. If your truck has a tune and you take it in for service make sure you tell them. That way they don't do a update and screw up your tune.
Like going to the doctor. My arm was hurting on Tuesday and you see him on Friday and the arm is doesn't hurt. What can he do for you at that point?
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Having worked on vehicles for a few decades and owning code readers I can tell you a few things.

Unplugging a code reader from the OBD port will not erase codes. If the light was on and went off, it’s stored in “history” and can be retrieved.

Ford powerstrokes have some proprietary software that requires a reader capable of reading them. The dealer should have that and if they are telling you they don’t know, take it somewhere else.

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All info from you guys are appreciated. I see that an RV forum is not the place for this type of question, as flybouy stated. I'll try the Ford forum. Just to let you know, the codes were, P132B, P02DB, & P02D1. Also, the truck runs great, light or no light. Many Thanks.
Sandy & Ann
2019 Alpine 3401RS
2011 Ford F350 Diesel

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Ken / Claudia
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I have had some older vehicles and when checked for codes, I go to google and ask what the code means.
On these I asked what does ford code xxxx mean.
1 PCM turbo solenoid is not to factory spec's
2 TPS voltage issues
3 Cylinder 3 injector adapting to max. limit.

How to fix or if any fix is needed is beyond me. You- tube the codes and you may get fixing advice.
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powerstroke.org is the place to get help. Also, be aware that only generic codes show up on your scanner. If there are Ford specific codes, you need a tool like FORScan which shows Ford specific codes as well as the general codes your scanner is picking up. A Ford dealership should be able to pick these up with their software. When I first got my clunker, I would occasionally get a WRENCH and had no idea why as I couldn't pull any codes with one of my three scanners. Took the truck to a shop with the proper Ford specific reader and saw that the delta between engine coil and engine coolant temps exceeded spec. Meaning time to install a new oil cooler. Without that Ford specific software, there is no way to know and FORScan is the most economical way to read these codes. A code read that has Ford specific code reading ability is HUNDREDS of dollars.

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