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When my husband and I were staying for more than 4 years in one location with only water and electricity, (Someone's ranch) we used a Flowjet macerator to pump our 100 gal gray and the black 50 gal tank once a month. (We did not put paper down the toilet). We didn't want to unhook or pay a portapotty guy 75 bucks every month so my hubby bought a 200 gallon water tank and mounted it on a small 4x8 trailer. He installed a dump valve at the bottom edge of the tank so we could take it to the gas station down the road that had a dump station. The macerator allowed us to pump up into the top of the tank. We then just towed it to the gas station and dumped. Took about 5 minutes to dump it. The large opening at the top made it very easy to clean inside at the station.
About once a year if the macerator was having trouble turning its blade, we would clean the hair out of the blade.

The only time we had to use constant water attached to it was when it didn't have sufficient water in the black tank. We usually ran the flush line on the trailer to keep water flushing the tanks while we dumped. Never had a problem with the macerator accept when it was not used a long time between uses. We simply filled the macerator with water and let is 'soak' for a few minutes.
We have also used it to pump directly into a restrooms toilet at one location that did not have any dump station and we were staying for more than a month. Fairgrounds had no problem with us doing that. We have pump 100' feet without any problem.

If we were staying at a dump site, we had no need to use it. It was the dry camping and odd hilly campsites that we would need to use it.

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There are lot of responses to your message, so maybe this duplicates something. I used a FloJet pump hooked up to the camper battery for about 3 years, with 2 of us living in it while my old house sold and my new house was built. We used it more or less full time (had to replace the pump once). I hooked up a clear 4" connector with a hose fitting on it. I hooked up the hose fitting to my "house" water, and used it to fill the black tank ("backwards") to loosen up everything. Then I closed the "fresh" water connection, and turned on the pump. It streamed all of the effluent down a 3/4" hose(s) for about 300 feet to a drain. Worked PERFECTLY. If the 4" line clogged, I turned off the pump, and turned on the fresh water to back flush it. Had to do that maybe twice, but when I was finished (maybe about 20 minutes), my black tank was REALLY cleaned out. Highly recommend it if you want to avoid manhandling a 4" accordian hose, and us a much smaller garden hose.

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I use my macerator to pump waste into my blue boy which is typically in the back of my pickup. That allows me to haul my own waste away and can extend stays indefinitely. Have a 66 gal water blivet that I bring fresh water back to RV.
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We've used the Sewer Solution for the last four years at a private site. To save on costs and simplify construction we ran a 2" pipe instead of 4" about 200' down a low grade to a residential sceptic system at our daughters where we park for the winter. We do have to add water during the process but only when dumping the black tank. They say it will push uphill maybe 3' or so but that is not our situation. This set up works very well for us. When we travel though I revert to the 4" hose as I find the dumping process goes quicker and needs less back flushing to get the tank clean. I can comfortable recommend the Sewer Solution as an economical alternative to the macerator.
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I also own a Flojet system. It comes in handy when the sewer hookup is located a distance from your sewer outlet on the trailer. As mentioned you can use a garden hose for discharge. I cut a 50' into a 30'and 20' section to reach those longer hookups

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