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Keystone doesnít stand by their product

We have had horrible customer service once we purchased our Keystone Passport last September. Initially radio/dvd player didnít work, took it back to the dealer to be fixed. We traveled to FL for the winter & it didnít work when we got there. We contacted both Keystone and the dealer who referred us back to Keystone to no avail. We paid a local repair person to get it fixed $140! Just recently when I slid open our slide out window, the entire window shattered into a million pieces inside and outside the trailer. It had been sitting at the campsite for a day before this happened fo no apparent reason. Called the dealer and Keystone again to no avail. It cost us over$400 to have the window repaired. Dealer rep told us to go back to Keystone as this was the 4th instance that customers had reported to them the same thing happening for no apparent reason. Once again Keystone refused to stand behind the product they sold. We are very unhappy with their customer service and failure to stand behind the quality of their product! Would never buy again or recommend to anyone. Buyer beware!

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First, welcome to the forum. I hope you learn enough from the posts and threads here to better navigate the Keystone warranty process.

That said, I'd suspect that the root of all your "Keystone problems" is either the dealership where you've chosen to have warranty work completed or the reporting process they are using to document the problem and its cause.

By "dealership where you've chosen" I mean that some dealerships work to repair warranty items, some "half-heartedly" report the cause with the hopes that Keystone will refuse to authorize the repair. You see, as an example, Keystone pays $60 an hour for warranty work while the dealership charges $125 an hour to do normal repairs on customer's trailers. It doesn't take much "understanding" to realize that kind of dealership has profit, not customer satisfaction as their primary objective.

By "the reporting process" I mean the "who, what, why, where, when" that must be provided to Keystone BEFORE they will approve any warranty work. If the dealership skips any part of that requirement, the probability that Keystone will disapprove the repair increases dramatically and the dealership then reverts to "charge the customer and make more profit".....

While your problems are, no doubt, irritating to you, it's not the end of the world and if you would take a few moments to read about problems on any competing RV manufacturer's "forum posts" you'd quickly see that EVERY RV manufacturer has the same issues with quality.

Actually, your issue with the radio and with the window bring into focus the fact that neither is a "Keystone product" but are manufactured by an outside source and only installed by Keystone. When you consider that the same radio is an OEM product that's installed in nearly every trailer brand, regardless of whether it's a Keystone or a Forest River product.....

As for windows, there is only one "major RV window manufacturer" and that's the window brand used in virtually every RV manufactured.

Take a few minutes, do some reading on this forum and reflect on what "could have been done better" to improve your warranty repair experience.

Oh, and co-incidentally, while there are some dissatisfied Keystone owners, the vast majority, like every other RV brand, are satisfied and/or very satisfied with their RV, use it regularly and either have minimum or no problems with their purchase. So, your warning to "not buy a Keystone" is falling on the ears of those who likely have already bought and, for the most part, are happy with their purchase.


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Lynn, you may feel better venting on this site, bit the vast number of members are already Keystone owners. Iíd say your main beef is your dealer as opposed to Keystone for avoiding the issue. Seldom to owners deal with Keystone direct, usually through the dealer.
Go online and badmouth the stew out of your dealer. They watch the reviews, Keystone doesnít.
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travelin texans
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Call Kinro, the window manufacturer, to explain your window problem, they've been responsive to others on other forums with this issue. I've called them twice when the emergency window handle broke & they sent new ones free.
As for the radio/DVD player, they are the cheapest crap that they buy by the train load, not designed for a true audiophile. If you paid $140 to fix that one, you could most likely bought 3 new ones of the same brand, but doubt you'd find them on the shelf at any self respecting electronics store.
Sorry for your issues, but sounds like your dealer is your biggest problem.
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As I read your post I see nothing but a dealership failure based on LOTS of interaction with dealers and Keystone.

You indicate when you bought the trailer the radio/dvd didn't work so you took it back to the dealer to be fixed. When you got to FL it didn't work. 1) the problem should have been found on the dealer's prep before delivery or your inspection of the trailer before taking delivery and the issue would have been avoided, 2) was the unit checked for operation before departing for FL?

Upon the radio failure, what dealer were you contacting from FL? Your selling dealer back....?? or the local Keystone dealer? Your selling dealer wouldn't be able to do much for you "back home". Referring you to Keystone doesn't make sense since they can't fix it anyway. Did you attempt to find a local dealer for repair? The only reason I can think of that your selling dealer would tell you to contact Keystone would be to find a local authorized warranty dealer. Did you do that?

With the shattered glass it sounds as if you were on a different trip at a different campsite when it happened. You called the dealer and they told you to contact Keystone or did you just contact Keystone?

Typically Keystone is not going to be receptive to warranty claims from individual owners. They depend entirely on their authorized dealerships to look at the broken whatever, assess it and tell them their opinion of the cause - not you. As John said, it then depends completely on the dealership's assessment, their ability to clearly describe the situation as a warranty failure, and more importantly, their desire to do those things depending on whether or not they WANT to get involved with the low paying warranty repair. If you were trying to deal with someone other than the selling dealer the chances are very good that desire was lacking. It's very possible it's lacking in the selling dealership as well; do a search and you will find that it has been said on the forum, maybe thousands of times, that the dealership is the most important aspect of a sale if you expect to have after the purchase work performed.

In your case I see a dealership(s) that is either shirking their warranty responsibility and trying to redirect you to Keystone or one that is not willing to do the work but refuses to be up front and tell you so. Either way, you are venting your frustration in the wrong direction; I would be all over the dealership.
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Thank you everyone for your replies

We will definitely be speaking to the dealer about this again as the really seemed to just push everything off on Keystone.
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Ken / Claudia
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Many times if you contact the company who really made the item that broke is easier to deal with. All those manuals that came with the rv have contact infor in them. Some have longer warranties than Keystone. That would mean you remove, replace, ship said broken item or pay a local shop.
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For a better understanding of just what warranty coverage Keystone provides is outlined in the generic owner's manual - link below.

It would be very unusual for a dealer to provide maintenance on something they are not going to get paid for. On the other hand, a dealer being glib about your problems is just bad management and hurtful to their dealership. I doubt you will use them again or recommend them to others.

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hard to read when one paragraph but you didn't say what year your rig was.

Under warranty, if correct, you could have taken your rig to a keystone dealer and had them resolve the issue with keystone. and, the radio/dvd is under a manufacturer warranty too. And, for what it is worth, the darn things are usually cheap pieces.

as for your window, if the keystone rep (document name/date of time with him) had stated it was going on with others, i would have again taken it to dealer to get it documented. and pursue the replacement cost. regardless, i assume your insurance would have covered the window...if you had a low deduction.
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I had a radio go bad in a Passport I owned. The dealer contacted Keystone and they authorized and sent a replacement. Another option on your window is your insurance. Depending on your comprehensive deductible it may have been cheaper to go that route. Iíve found that in most cases the companies that build the products installed in all RVs are reputable and do provide support. Some are better than others.

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