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Originally Posted by Jerry S View Post
In my experience I do not find it true that they will overflow. The crystal container part is made just the right size that when all of the calcium Chloride crystals are used up the moister basin is not full. I think they are designed that way. I use them in my airplane and my 5er.
It sounds like somebody makes a pot the right size, but the OP will need to know he is getting that version, most I have seen the pot was much too small and would overflow. The real point is you do not need anything to 'dry' up the RV, just let it follow the ambient conditions. Any major difference either way in temperature or moisture will have the potential for adverse effects on the RV. Do you think the factory or dealer is doing anything to keep the RV heated or dehumidified during the often several years they are on the lot?

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Iíve had a Travel Trailer parked over winter at a seasonal campsite for over twenty years. The campground winterizes it. The tires on the trailer sit on wooden boards to keep them from contact with the ground. The heat and electricity are off. It has been exposed to the weather extremes of northeastern Ohio winters. When the season starts in the spring everything works. We do have mice that overwinter at times despite trying a number of anti rodent chemicals. Because we do not pull the trailer off the seasonal site I canít speak for how towable the unit is after sitting outside for a number of years.

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We live in Vermont and this is our fifth winter storing two different TTs. We store with the tires on boards and tire covers. We do have a cover for our air conditioner, which was recommended by our dealer. We leave all electronics in the camper. We bring both batteries inside to the basement on a tender. We also leave both roof vents open about an inch and a couple of Damp-Rid tubs inside. Never a problem with moisture in spite of below freezing temps and extreme temperature fluctuations outside. The Damp Rid tubs usually have about half an inch of liquid come spring, if that. No problems with electronics or anything else.
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Originally Posted by slman View Post
Yep, pumped the RV pink A.F. through the whole system. I'm thinking of leaving a small heater inside set at 50*.
By the way, my propane tanks are both 1/2 full. But what I call the 'switch' valve always shows the RED bar. And, I have no heat being produced by the furnace.
Bad switch valve?
Thank You for you're knowledge and reply.
If you have any doubts about the reliability of your propane valve, change it out. My original valve would not empty a tank before switching over. I purchased a Marshell Excelsior MEGR 253H 2 stage unit and it works perfectly.

You would get along with my BIL, He jacks his up and deflates the tires. Once a week he gives them a spin. Oh yea, his shop is heated from the outside wood fired boiler.
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most rvers don't really use their rvs for at least 7 to 9 month a year so I won't worry about anything except the batteries and winterizing the rig. I won't remove the tires at all. look around you at the storage units...

I'd just store it and leave it along except for maybe opening some windows next summer...that's it.
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I don't think removing the tires for storing is overkill in your situation. Trailer tires need all the help they can get.
A few years ago, I read a "Trailer Life" article where they recommended putting the rig up on blocks and airing the tires down to 10 psi.

For maintaining the coach, I always leave the roof vents open. It needs ventilation. Also, as commented here, moisture forms when there is a temperature change, or difference of temperature between the inside and outside.

A few years ago I stored my older trailer in the Northwest for the winter. I covered it with a nice trailer cover, then with a big Harbor Freight tarp over that.
Big mistake! The lack of ventilation corroded everything. It was the hardest winter in that poor little trailer's life.

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