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Originally Posted by Fishsizzle View Post
You make a good point. I should have said most small companies like myself couldn’t care less about BBB or if a business is accredited by them or not.

To me they are going the way of the phone book with yelp and google coming on.

Power/corruption is in everyone’s hands right now. The phone is mightier than the sword
No argument with that. My business rebuilds/sells motorcycle carburetors and I doubt anyone checks my BBB profile prior to placing and order. It costs to much to be a member and the only real benefit is being able to use the BBB emblem on your site or in ads. This might make some potential customers feel a bit easier. By the way, my company has an A Plus rating as a non-BBB member as we don't have any unanswered complaints; that is about all that needs to happen to be A plus and be in business for a certain length of time.
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