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For GMC 2020 trucks the In Command is really just a blue tooth application incorporated into the vehicle display unit in the truck... why I’d want to extend slides, awnings, etc from the display of my truck doesn’t pass my logic test...

It’s just more garbage that GMC is integrating into the vehicle platform electronic display unit that WILL give owners troubles. And I’d love to see how the truck dealership tries to trouble shoot an In Command issue on their app display in the truck.

Does that mean the owner has to tow the fifth wheel to the GMC truck dealer so they can see what’s not working, why the app won’t sync with the BCM on the fifth wheel ?

It’s why I’m still driving my 2007 LBZ Duramax with no DEF and no fancy dash display... it works, I can work on it myself, and I don’t have to worry about a fancy dash display crapping out after warranty expires...

And at almost 66 I can hold my own with any “New” technology ... better than most youngsters...

Again... with the latest version of “Hard wired” DC... display commander to BCM I’d purchase fifth wheel with this with no second thoughts.

The nice thing is a “standard” for wire color coding is being used so this would make any future trouble shooting on a specific system a tad easier...

However.. the HVAC system shouldn’t have been tied into the In Command ...

The BCM is relatively easy to trouble shoot and they were smart and used socketed SS relays of the same type for all circuits. So if a circuit failed due to a bad SS relay it would be easy to swap for trouble shooting.

The hydraulic slide and six point leveling system is easy to manually over ride if the need arose

And... Jensen ASA tech support appears to be outstanding

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