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05-21-2010, 04:49 PM
All postings in this section should be for RV related items that you, as a forum member, have (new or used) and want to purchase, sell or give away. Please do not post items that (1)you regularly sell as a business for a living or as a supplementary source of income or (2) you are selling on behalf of a non-member. Any posts such as these will be deleted.

Please note that posts that show no signs of activity or the item(s) has not been sold after 6 months will be deleted from the For Sale/Wanted section. You may re-submit your post if it has been deleted, the item remains unsold and you wish to continue to advertise it here on the forum.

If you do sell the item(s) advertised, please submit a post advising our members that it has been sold.

A reminder: Including your email address, phone number or your residential address as a contact is not permitted and will be removed by the Moderators. (see Forum "Announcements").

Please use the Private Message option to make any inquiries, to carry out any "bargaining/negotiations" and any other details such as shipping, etc. by Private Messages - and not by posts.

Thank you for your cooperation. The Moderators