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Little Guy
11-25-2012, 02:27 PM
Oops! This is not a KOA, but noteworthy none the less.
We are staying at the Eagle View RV Resort in Ft McDowell. It is 5 min. from Fountain Hills and 15 min from Scottsdale. Beautiful location with great scenery. The park is spotless clean, well maintained and very well run. Lots of amenities including laundry, showers, club house, computer room, wi-fi, cable tv, heated pool and hot tub, free shuttle to the golf courses(2) and casino
You have to book this resort well in advance if you want to come during "snowbird" season (Jan. thru April). They are kicking us out just before the New Year. They have outdoor storage for $50/mo., so maybe we will leave "Larry" here for a few months and try to get a spot in March or April. Beautiful Saguaro lake is just 12 min away. Lots of shopping and services are close by also.
Happy camping!"bouncey:

11-25-2012, 05:46 PM
Hi, just adding to "Little Guy" on Eagle View. One of the most beautiful spots for camping, owned and operated by Yavapi Indians. It is THE LAST spot of civilization before heading into the mountains. The beauty is BREATHTAKING.
We stayed there for 2 months (Feb/March) of this year. Hated to leave, but all good things come to an end.

Immaculate grounds with on duty police patrolling and enforcing a 5MPH LIMIT, so you won't get killed by fellow disrespectful campers. Try walking in Pirateland in Myrtle Beach.

We woke to the sun rising on the red rock mountains and sounds of wild horses who roam freely on property and surrounding reservation land. Our cat woke me at 4am one morning and 10 horses were just outside the open gate and walking along...beautiful. We saw them many times during our stay.

Fountain Hills has the highest fountain in the US which goes off every hour. They only have it going 340 ft (and night lighted) it can go 500 ft. Wonderful resturants all around the town and we walked the 1 mile around the fountain almost every morning for 2 months. St Patrick's Day the fountain is green. Only time they use dye in the water.

The Yavapi Indian Casino is a mile away. We went there weekly to eat the steak special, $7.95. Must be 1,000 people in season playing bingo at any time. They credit each RV guest with a small cash credit card to use on slots. We won and we never paid for a meal and never used a dollar of out personal cash (now that's good luck)! Came out with $50 cash ahead upon departure.

Went on to Sedona and then the Grand Canyon, on to Winslow, AZ (Stand'n on a corner in Winslow, Airzona ("Take it Easy" by the Eagles)..Great trip. Cannot say enough positive things about Eagle View RV Resort. Go there and stay there and live the culture...better than Disney!

Little Guy I am sending you a PM also.