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11-12-2012, 07:05 PM
Hello , My name is Terry from La. I just purchased a 2004 Montana 3295rk in like new condition for $9300.00. Did I get a good deal ?

11-12-2012, 07:55 PM
Yes you did

11-12-2012, 10:08 PM
Terry, Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find answers to most of your questions either in our previous topics or if you don't, ask away and we'll try to head you down the right track.

As for your "steal of a deal" according to internet data,

The cost new: $57,389

low retail: $18,110

Average retail: $21,820

So, assuming you're happy with your purchase, consider it a good buy.

Again, welcome,


11-13-2012, 03:09 PM
Thanks For the replies.