View Full Version : 5th wheel to Alaska Apr/May 2013

11-08-2012, 08:30 AM
Late April headed to Fairbanks from Michigan via Michigan Upper Penisula-Montana. I know what to expect roadwise in the U.P. at that time but US-2 or I-94 through the northern Great Plains are a mystery. Conditions from Montana to Fairbanks (Alcan) would also be nice.

I'll have plenty of food, fuel, spares and emergency equipment and have a personal speed limit of 55mph/88kmph. I have the time for weather and road condition delays. I've driven the Whitehorse to Fairbanks section twice and know what is there in August but late winter/early spring is new to me.

Any advise and suggestions are welcome.

If you live near the route, let me know what the locale is like at that time of the year.