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10-26-2012, 06:26 AM
Thank You!

I wanted those to be my first words on this forum. I stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks back and have already found much of the information to be helpful to say the least. We just purchased our new 2012 Cougar 29RBK yesterday and I felt empowered with the PDI printout in hand. It is our first travel trailer and the family is so very excited to get started.

My family consists of my amazing wife and myself along with three wonderful girls (7, 4, 3). We are active travelers that desire nothing more in life than to make lasting memories as a family. What better way to accomplish that than by camper?

I hope to contribute my 2 cents worth where I can and look forward to sharing our stories for your enjoyment and as a way to learn from our inevitable mistakes.

10-26-2012, 06:34 AM
:wlcm:enjoy camping with your family. I have so much fun with my wife and 2 kids have almost come to tears of joy. It so nice to leave everything behind go somewhere with the camper and just enjoy the kids being kids. riding their bikes, playing ball etc.

10-26-2012, 08:18 AM
Hi, glad you found this site. Your kids will hold the time of camping in thief hearts forever. So many kids today don't get this stuff. I think it builds strength.

10-26-2012, 11:43 AM
Welcome to the forum - glad to have you and your family with us.

Hope all your camping experiences are great ones !

( I was in Greensboro recently while visiting friends, nice town )

Take care,



Jim & Kay
10-27-2012, 04:05 PM
Welcome to the forum from the mountains of Virginia. Happy camping & safe travels.