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10-22-2012, 08:32 PM
We were looking for a campground for some leaf colors and decided we also wanted to see Monticello. To add some complexity, we needed a B&B nearby for our in laws who we are very close with and enjoy activities together. We planned to be there Wed and leave Sun.

Answer: Montebello, VA. Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort for camping and the Dutch Haus B&B literally 1/2 mile away. Both are in an out of the way town of Montebello.

Campground Review: very nice. We were fortunate enough to have a pull thru site with a lot of privacy. Some of the centrally located sites seemed on top of one another. The sites by the lake were beautiful! The staff, while they weren't customer extroverts, were responsive to questions. It seemed like they were there to complete a transaction...not as hosts...representing a great asset. Many people fished and caught a lot of fish. We did not fish. Overall, I'd give the CG an 8 out of 10. BTW Crabtree Falls is only 4 or 5 miles from the CG. BEAUTIFUL! Nice afternoon hike to see the tallest falls east if the Mississippi.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not follow the CGs directions from I-81. DO NOT take Rt 56 from I81 to Montebello. Road is full of switchback curves, no guardrails, steep drop offs, blind curves, etc. Very dangerous when towing. What is ironic is that the folks at the B&B warned us to cut over I64 to the Blue Ridge Parkway....drop down the parkway and minimize the Rt 56 journey to 3.5 miles only. Rt 56 west of Montebello was even worse. I do not advise using Rt 56 from the west or east. Use the BRP to limit Rt 56 travel.

I woke up at 4 AM Sunday worried about towing out. We arrived Wed during the day and there was no traffic. Car traffic picked up quite a bit over the weekend. Came up with a plan that I have to admit worked well. Our daughter joined us from NC...WE ARE FROM Pa. I asked her to be our lead and take each blind curve first. Two quick honks if I could violate the yellow lines and swing wide to make the turn.....one long beep if there was traffic and to wait. Worked well!! In fact....saw some scrape marks on a jutting rock face on one blind turn where it was obvious someone took the turn too tightly. I don't know how I would have managed getting out of Montebello with traffic alone. Just driving our truck on an outing, we were nearly clipped by a delivery truck taking the curves very fast...running over the yellow lines.

Dutch Haus B&B is a 10/10. The hostess there, Lois, was outstanding. She facilitated us getting a site at Montebello CG. (Someone there said they were full...they were not.) Lois told us to avoid Rt 56....not the folks at the CG. Lois is on the rescue squad. I believe they had a trailer go over the edge on Rt 56 within the last few weeks. I can't say enough about the B&B and the owners. Highly recommend them!

Visited Montecelllo, Poplar Forest, and Crabtree Falls from our base at Montebello. Drove countless beautiful miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Had a great time with family! Weather was beautiful.

Good time was had by all. Leaves were in their prime colors!