View Full Version : New Keystone Laredo Fifth Wheel Owner.

03-21-2010, 03:53 PM
Hi! Just got our new 2008 315RL home a couple of days ago and are busy switching supplies over from our past fifth wheel. We had a 96 Hitchhiker II with one slideout but wanted something a little bigger. We drive a 2008 Ford F250 FX. We are experiencing several problems with our unit. The awning won't go out after previously working, we must have a slow gas leak as we are smelling gas, and some of the light fixtures aren't working. We were wondering if there is a diagram for the wiring system in this unit. We can't find anything in our material about this. Our dealer is 4 hours away and needless to say we are not "happy campers" :mad::mad: Our excitement is gradually waning with each little incident that is happening. Help!!! Hayseed

Jim W
03-22-2010, 03:46 AM
Hi, first welcome to the forum.
These are some basic questions, but they must be asked in order to help further.
1. Have you checked the fuses to see if they are OK?
2. Is the awning powered by an electric motor or is it a manual pull down?
3. If the awning is electric, is it on the same circuit as the lights?
4. Have you tried to measure the resistance in the wiring to see if there is a break in the circuit?
5. If the awning is a manual awning will the release lever move as it is being pulled down to let the awning roll out?
I would look up on the internet for the awning manufacture to see if they have a trouble shooting guide on their web site.
I know with my awning they state to pull a plug apart. This is stored in the (as looking at it) right hand rail up by the awning. They tell you how to lower and raise the awning manually with the motor upplugged. They also then stated to see the dealer for repair.
Hope this helps some what.