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07-26-2012, 06:24 PM
Hello all , returning member from the old site

07-26-2012, 06:42 PM
Welcome back! Always nice to see one of the "originals" return. There are a few of us here. "bouncey:

07-26-2012, 09:18 PM
what is the "old site"?

btw, HI!

07-26-2012, 09:51 PM
azlee56 -
The "old site" is the original Keystone forum - but with a different name - that was formed a few years ago and subsequently folded. After a short period, a new Keystone site emerged - thanks to Courtland - with a new name (www.keystonerv.org) and a handful of members. This would be the current Keystone site which now has over 5300 members.

Almost all of the first members of this forum were originally members of the "old site". Some of us, hankpage, antiqfreq and a few others were members of the original Keystone forum and joined here when it was first formed. We kept our old user names during the transistion.

A few of the "old members" did eventually find this site, joined but after a short stay, disappeared.

And that is a brief glimpse into the "old site".

07-27-2012, 06:09 AM
Now that you made me feel"OLD" .... it's time for another cup of coffee.
Welcome home roocamper ...... Travel safely, Hank

07-27-2012, 08:12 AM
:wlcm: back to the forum. I don't know anything about the old forum, but this is totally awesome. I love all the members I have interacted with here. Happy Camping and safe travels.:)