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06-18-2012, 10:35 AM
Hi! - checking out the forum to get some insight into the real world keystone products/experiences. Wife and I are seriously considering an '07 Zepppelin 2 to be pulled by our '93 chevy 2500 extended cab. This would be our first foray into TT camping; we wanted something a little more substantial than a pop-up. Would anyone care to comment on that model or any other for a couple of novices who would also be taking grandkids (3 at the most) on trips of short duration and distance; at least initially. Thanks (tx)

2011 keystone
06-18-2012, 11:12 AM
Hi and welcome to the group:wave:
I cant comment on the TT you are looking at.
But I can say we bought our 2011 hideout 26b in oct of 2010
and have been very happy with it.
There was a pole done on this fourm not to long ago and the vast majority
said they would but another keystone.
What ever you get just remember to have fun with it.

06-18-2012, 11:31 AM
shorthaul -
If you are planning to keep your '93 Chev 2500, then before you buy anything, you might want to do some research as to what you are able to safely tow with that truck. You will need to gather some weight readings from both your TV and your proposed TT and figure out whether or not the two are compatible.

Just because most of your trips might be short in distance and/or duration, that doesn't mean that you should be "fudging" on your weight limits or safety. Travelling 50 miles overloaded is no better than travelling 500 miles overweight. If you will be taking your grandkids along, I am sure that safety will be a priority for you.
After you have done these calculations and then are able to narrow down your available options, then I would start looking at the model, floorplan and sleeping accommodations of your TT. The age/sex of your grandchildren might also be something to consider. Grown teenagers have different requirements than pre-teens who are different again from toddlers.
Are you looking at new or used? Both will need a thorough inspection before buying - the used Zep will come with no warranty of course.

Hope these small tidbits help. Ask for more assistance - lots of good people here willing to help you out.

06-18-2012, 11:46 AM
thanks for the advice, yes we are looking at used and we are planning on using/keeping the chevy as a TV, I bought it from an old RV'er who had it set up to tow and used it for his 5th wheel but I will check out it's specs. Oh, he kept all the hardware for towing the 5th wheel except the lighting harness, besides we just want to start out with a regular TT until we get some time and miles under our belts and can evaluate our wants and needs. Our grandkids are all under 5 and we may not always take all 3 at the same time.