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06-10-2012, 01:52 PM
I'm 20 years old and originally from Louisiana but got on at the plants in east Texas, so, I bought me a '00 Montana 2850RK 5th-wheel and I'm staying over there for now. I couldn't find any land or houses I liked enough to commit to, so, that's why I bought this until I find the right place.

I just had to replace the air conditioner with my dad's help and now, I got a leaking pipe to deal with, but other than that, I like it. I've done a little painting and took a few things off to make it more modern :). My next big project will probably be taking some carpet out to put vinyl in. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks!

06-10-2012, 02:32 PM
Welcome to the forum. All RV have random issues, so using it ful-time you'll find them fast. Good luck and glad you're here.

"Plants" in east Texas... Whatcha doing?

06-10-2012, 02:33 PM
Oh and where from in LA? My mom is a coonass from just outside of New Orleans.

06-10-2012, 05:45 PM

Yeah, I know they're not meant to live in (and considering it's 12 years old) but I just got it in April..back when things looked good, haha. Seems to happen all at once, but hopefully, I'll be good for a while after we get this leak fixed.

I'm training to be an (process) operator. I went to school for it and finished in July '11 and finally got on.

I'm from Iowa, LA.. It's about 10-15 minutes away from Lake Charles.