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04-29-2012, 01:49 AM
We made our first trip of the year this weekend. Just a trip about 2-3 hours from home to Gettysburg. So far so good.

We are staying at Granite Hill Campground resort. Highly recommend this campground. Cozy sights. Sites are reasonably wide...ours is nice. Plenty of room to sit by the fire, walk around, etc. Pretty large ccampground but spread out. Many open areas. Certainly doesn't feel congested.

We scoped out Getttysburg Campground (timeshare in addition to day/week stays I believe) and the KOA. GC is OK. SITES BY THE CREEK LOOK NICE. SITES IN "bullpen" in the center/back don't look inviting. The whole area is stone....good for level I guess....but the sites are outined with painted lines on the stone. Have to wear thick shoes on stones. Not impressed. Just to drive around we had to have a mirror tag. Not unusual I guess.

The KOA is very nice. Kinda small in terms of number of sites. Sites were wide, trees plentiful/ roads good. Kabins and kottages seemed especially nice. They have a dog playground and a nice kids playground and pool near the kabins. I think this campground has some sites for large rigs but primarily is more suited for rigs 30' and shorter. Nice people....no mirror tag needed to just drive around.

Bottom Line: we would stay at Granite Hill if the choice was these 3 campgrounds....without a doubt. Enjoying our stay! They had a chili cook off today and music and dancing at night. You can have an enjoyable walk just walking the roads around here. Several playgrounds, swingsets, etc around. There is a nice fishing hole too that seemed popular. Seems like plenty of room for big rigs.

BTW....firewood is available on rt 116...take a left out of Granite Hill.....within 2 miles there is a place selling wood in wheel barrows for $4-$5. Just past that location...maybe another 4 or 5 miles or so there is a more commercial firewood place on the right. Almost looks like an old farm but up the drive...have to drive 50 yards up a small hill...there are piles of wood They have a sign for campers on their fence roadside and piles of wood for $5 each. Good wood...burned well...generous amount. Best deal IMHO.

04-29-2012, 02:49 PM
We stayed at Granite Hill for two different trips to the Gettysburg area. I concur with Chris199's observations about the campground. We would stay there again.