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winged one
11-30-2009, 01:30 PM

We just recently purchased a 2010 Keystone Passport Super-Lite 199ML. There doesn't seem to be any people on the internet with these, but I am hoping the trailer works out well.

I started camping with my parents and siblings in the 60's, in a sleeping trailer (no idea the name) that looked like a regular trailer but was only half tall and had only a bed and a bunk bed above it. I was in the bunk with my sister and it may be why I don't like working under cars now. LOL Dad pulled the trailer with a 64 or so Falcon wagon.

In the early 70's, my siblings had all graduated from school and the parents wanted to travel. As I was only 12, I was going to be going with them. Sold everything they had, bought a Aalite 30ft trailer and a 455 Vista Cruiser and off we went for a year on the road. From Michigan to Canada, east to New Brunswick then south to Florida, then west to California, north to Washington and finally back to Michigan.

When we got married, we pulled a old popup with our 85 Toyota Celica, then we quickly moved up to a 28ft Jayco and Ford pickup. We have been out of trailering for about 7 years.

Until this fall when I got the itch for a 1967 Ford Country Sedan (think Squire) full size wagon. After obtaining that an expecting to use it for trips to State park cabin camping, we both got the bug for a trailer.

Unlike the trailers before, we don't plan on leaving the State with it. We are looking to do weekend and if I can swing a retirement soon, some weekday camping in 2011.

We researched trailers for quite a while in the size we wanted. The lack of any good data on trailer towing capacities of the wagon made us think and rethink our choices several times. We must have visited 15-20 RV dealerships looking at so many different brands and models. I kept a spread sheet of our most likely candidates with all the data and our impressions.

Where we actually ended up purchasing, the salesman mistakenly gave us a below cost price. We weren't going to hold the dealership to it, but they called us and said they would honor it. I know, I know, it sounds fishy, but in this case we did have the actual cost and it was $1k below it and $2.5k below the competitors price for a smaller FF 189FBS.

So we just could not pass it up. Plus we really liked it. It's comfortable and solid and the right weight for the car.

The trailer is currently in inside storage at the dealership, and they have fixed little things we have noticed needed it. We are really excited about getting back out to the State parks next year. And though the trailer is smaller than we had before, I think its going to be great.

Thomas and Barbara

11-30-2009, 02:02 PM
Thomas and Barbara, Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your camping experiences. I am sure that some of your knowledge will help others on the forum. I hope you enjoy your new trailer and keep us posted on your travels. Glad you came back to camping, Hank

11-30-2009, 05:11 PM
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you join us. If your looking for info on creating a signature just go to "forum technical support" and look for the post "creating a signature", forum acronym definitions are in the "announcements" section, and my homepage with all its manuals and tech talk is open to you, just click on "flyguy" in the upper left of this post and then click on "visit flyguy's homepage" from the drop down menu. My homepage is Passport oriented, and your 199ML has all the same features that any other Passport has, I have a good article on how to use the manual awning and some manuals on your range, refrigerator, furnace, and hot water heater, also articles and manuals for your AC unit, look around in it and download whatever you think you may need, again welcome to the forum.

winged one
12-01-2009, 06:39 AM
Thank you for your welcome.

And thank you Flyguy for access to your data. I have found it very helpful.

Unfortunately, our trailer is stored away, and I do not have access to it. We obtained only the basic trailer manual, and though I will check it again, I do not believe it has specifics as to models used in the trailer (fridge, stove, etc). However, from pictures and memory, I have been able to decifer what I believe to the be the models and have found the reading very interesting. Especially the Radio/CD/DVD/etc. Wow, a lot of functions. :)

And the long write ups on the rubber roof was also excellent reading.

One I really don't know is the slide mechanism. The Keystone flyer is of no help. So I guess I will just have to wait until spring to figure out what we have.

No, we have not had the full run through by the dealer yet. They wanted to wait till spring when it would be most fresh in our minds when we want to use it.

Anyway, thanks again for making that data available.


12-01-2009, 10:13 AM
The radio used in the 199ML is the "Jensen AWM970" and I guess you found that, the refrigerator looks to be the same model as mine, a "Dometic DM/RM2652 Americana", although some models are equiped with the "Norcold" type, the range is a cooktop type "Atwood/Wedgewood Vision", same as mine except I have the full oven instead of the cooktop, as far as the slide goes, all the Passports use the cable operated BAL system but the Express looks like it uses a non cable operated type, probably a Lippert slide system (I think I have the manual for that in the slide-out folder), also with regard to the refrigerator, you'll get two blue plastic funny looking objects, these are for inserting in the door catches and holding the refrigerator doors ajar for air circulation while not in use so mold doesn't form inside. I don't know how informed you are about all the systems on the unit but if you have any questions or need any manuals feel free to ask.

winged one
12-01-2009, 02:44 PM
Thanks Flyguy.

I do have a follow up question for you. You have in your documents the following surge protector.

http://www.eaa1358.com/Passport/30%20Amp%20Surge%20Protection/30%20Amp,%20Portable%20Surge%20Protector_%20Polari ty%20Tester%20-%2055-2754.pdf

I have never used one. Do these protect your 12volt items too (TV, radio) or are they protected by the converter?

Is this one you recommend?


12-01-2009, 03:10 PM
The surge protector protects the entire trailer from the 30a 110v line at the RV campsite; it keeps power surges from getting to your power converter and tells you if the RV parks 30a outlet is good or bad before you ever plug into it. This protects all of the trailers voltage sources both 110v and 12v. This is not necessarily the one that I would recommend only the one that was priced within my pocketbook, the others cost over twice as much but I'm sure that they have more whistles and bells.

winged one
12-01-2009, 03:16 PM
Yes indeed, there are very expensive ones.

Would you think, that the caviat on this one: "Best used on entry level Travel Trailers and Pop-ups that have minimum electronics."


Should make me shy away from it?

12-01-2009, 03:35 PM
Here's the updated price from Tweety's: http://www.tweetys.com/30-amportable-surge.aspx as you can see they have lowered the price and it is a better unit than CW's, CW's unit looks to be nothing more than a GFCI inserted in line with the 30a plugs and there are no lights to tell you what's going on with the AC outlet. Just between you and me (sure on the forum) I have rarely found any deals at CW to my liking.