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11-11-2009, 08:04 PM
just took delievery of 2010 278rls it was delivered to out drive way tonight and have not had chance to play with it yet, any comments about our new Bullet

11-12-2009, 05:22 AM
Welcome to the Forum!

As I do NOT have a Bullet,
I await your posts!

Enjoy the new camper.......


11-12-2009, 06:55 AM
Your Bullet is very much like our Passport, I think you'll like it very much, I hope that you went through an inspection with the dealer making sure that all works ok before you paid for it, if not then you'll have to do that yourself and bring any problems back to the dealer to get fixed. We have had our Passport for over two years and have enjoyed it, there's always going to be the routine maintenance that has to be done over time. If your new to RV'ing then there will be a lot to learn about the unit and all its systems (I found that to be fun), also, I have a lot posted on my homepage that you can look through and download all that you might want to have a copy of, to access it just click on "Flyguy" in the upper left of this post and a drop down menu will appear, then click on "Visit Flyguy's Homepage" and that will take you there. My homepage looks like what you would see on your computer's hard drive with folders and such, click on a folder and it will open and show all the files inside. There's a file called "Pre Delivery Inspection" on the first page if you download it and print it out it will help you go through all the systems on your TT, oh and BTW welcome to the forum! Oh, and BTW if you use the outside grill, there's a gas outlet under the TT for it, just pull the dirt cover off and don't forget to open the lever valve on top before you try to light the burners on the grill (don't ask) and close it and replace the cover when your through. If you have any other questions about the trailer, feel free to ask, also I think you have the same slideout system (BAL Accuslide) that's on our Passport and you'll find all the manuals and videos for it on my homepage, Good Luck and enjoy your new TT.