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11-13-2021, 06:40 AM
I am new to this forum as well as new to living in a travel trailer. I have a 2020 Freedom Express. Water was puddling on the floor in the bathroom near the sink area, I pulled a panel on the outside, and discovered that when I turn on my city water, there is a leak (pretty steady) coming out of the heating duct running through the side panel (accessed from the outside near the outside kitchen). Note: the furnace is off.

Here's the question: Why does water run through my heating ducts when there is city water water hooked up to my travel trailer? AS far as I can tell, all my water pressure lines as well as my drains are on the outside of any heating ducts.

Please, any information will be helpful.

Thank you

Todd Brandwein

11-13-2021, 06:47 AM
Thatís a new one for me. Any way you can post some pics?

11-13-2021, 08:35 AM
I think you're saying that when you connect city water to your trailer and turn it on, there is water leaking out of the FURNACE EXHAUST on the outside wall of the trailer, not from a HEAT DUCT (that blows warm air, inside the trailer ?????

11-13-2021, 02:26 PM
Ok, As it turns out, it wasn't coming from the heating duct after all. I was able to pin point the water leak. It was a pin hole in the c0ld water pressure line shooting water up to the bottom of the heater duct, making it look like water was comi9ng out of the the duct. A little Flex Seal and the problem is solved. Thank you for the reply

11-13-2021, 02:53 PM
Glad you got it fixed. I donít know that I would count on flexseal to fix it permanently. I would look at replacing the leaking line.

11-13-2021, 02:56 PM
If it's pex, just slice it at the leak and install a Sharkbite coupler.

11-13-2021, 06:05 PM
I saw the Flex Seal reference and I knew alternative fixes would be offered!

11-14-2021, 07:30 AM
I'm not a fan of "as seen on TV" (over and over and over again) or any other "infomercial" stuff. Mt feeling is, if it's that fantastic then why do you have to hard sell it so much?

travelin texans
11-14-2021, 10:05 AM
I might use Flex Seal til I'm able to make the repair correctly with the proper parts, it WOULD NOT be the permanent fix regardless of how many boats, dams or lighthouses Phil Swift repairs with the stuff.

11-15-2021, 03:43 PM
Flex seal sucks for this job. Leaks right through! Going to try sharkbite

11-15-2021, 04:42 PM
IMO in an RV with PEX sharkbites are the cat's meow. Easy, quick and I've not had a failure. Flexseal? :nonono:

11-16-2021, 12:16 PM
Sounds like a couple of shark bite couplers should be in my emergency repair kit.