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11-03-2021, 07:52 AM
Hello all. I know this topic has been covered as I've seen in a quick search of the forum. We have a new to us 2014 Keystone Laredo 294rk. Two slides. Large one in living area, smaller one in bedroom. The large slide in the living area will not retract all the way out. It's probably pretty close at the top and needs maybe 1-1/2 to 2 inches at the bottom. The pantry and trash bin doors won't open all the way like it is now. I feel like it was never adjusted properly at the factory because the previous owners were an older couple and the gentleman said that he checked with the dealer shortly after purchasing and was told that since the motor is at the top, "it was designed that way" (to not go all the way out). I can't buy that. We actually went to the Keystone factory in Goshen, IN, and they said that it just needed "an adjustment". Having said All that, it is a cable driven Accu-slide. We have the service manual, have done every which way of tightening and loosening red, blue, green, purple cables until we're scratching our heads. What am I missing? Does the chain need to be shortened/lengthened a link or two? Is there something else going on? When you want the slide to go out and hold the button until it is, presumably, "all the way out", it just, stops. Any enlightenment would surely be appreciated. Thanks. :)

11-03-2021, 12:14 PM
I just went through this on my 2015 22RBIWE. I can't say that I was able to get them perfectly matched up from top to bottom. However one thing I did note was that there is a dynamic balance between the top and bottom when the slide out is moving. For quite a while I was focused on pulling the bottom in to make up for the difference. Then I realized that you really just want the top and bottom to go out/in at the same rate (not have the top tip forward in an exaggerated manner). So then I focused on loosening tension on top rather than tightening the bottom. This helped significantly. I am still not successful in getting that last inch or so difference out. One video shows a factory guy adjusting them by pulling on cables and then taking up slack. I noticed that he is doing it on a slide out that is not populated with furniture or appliances which makes a big difference in ability to get movement on the bottom when pulling slack into the cables. Not sure this helps but just my recent experience.

11-03-2021, 12:39 PM
One other thing is that the chain should only need adjusting if you are running out of needed adjustment range. If you change them you want the same length (+/- 1/2 inch) on both chains from center of sprocket to connection point on the short side of chain. Measure from the same points on both chains.