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10-28-2021, 06:47 AM
I have this thermostat in our travel trailer. Has anyone found a way of making this remote operatable? Or replaced with a different unit that has remote access/timing features?

Its so cold, and I would love either have a timer setting to turn the furnace on in the morning, or be able to turn it on from my nice warm bed.

Look forward to any suggestions.


When looking at the wiring I can see there is pos/neg wires and a comms wire connected.
I also see there are 3 wires coming in that are not connected to anything (green,brown,yellow).
Can anyone explain these wires also?

10-28-2021, 07:26 AM
Your TStat is likely just a simple 3-wire set up as is mine. The cable they use to run the wires is a generic 6 or 8-wire telephone/computer wire harness. The other wires just aren't used.

Look at Micro Air. They have an RV TStat that can connect to WiFi or Bluetooth so you can operate it from your phone.

10-28-2021, 07:34 AM
Thanks I will checkout the Micro Air, however I think its over my budget.

I have been reading that some people have had problems replacing this unit because the blue "comms" wire uses dometic codes to talk to the HVAC system, so something like a honeywell replacement just wouldnt work.

Would this be the same for all replacement models? Also I dont mind replacing it temporarily to be able to program the heating, and then swap the thermostat back in the summer. Right now I have no need to for the air con, just the heating.

10-28-2021, 07:39 AM
Start here and click "WHICH MODEL DO I NEED!". They have a direct replacement for yours.


10-29-2021, 06:13 PM
I'm not familiar with your exact thermostat but I once added a second thermostat by the bed that was wired in parallel with the first. Either one could operate the system.

10-30-2021, 08:06 AM
I have Coleman units in my RV, but Micro Air makes thermostats for the Dometic brand also. I love my Micro Air and the fact that no matter where I am, as long as the thermostat has wifi/internet access, I can control it with the app.......as long as my phone has cell service or even wifi with internet access.