View Full Version : Empty hot water heater

10-14-2021, 07:28 AM
Is there easier way to empty the hot water heater? I usually pull the plug but its a pain to put back together in the spring.
I have a keystone Hideout 27dbs

10-14-2021, 08:08 AM
You can install a petcock or even a valve with a little hose. The issue there is when you put in the reducer to add the valve, it increases the drain height a bit so there is always a little water left in the tank. Probably not a big deal, especially if you blow the system out with compressed air.

For me, the problem is keeping a wrench on the plug, I keep stripping it. So I bought a couple extra plugs and they came with a wrench bent to fit the angle. A newer plug is easier to get on and off. I also use Teflon tape which makes it smoother to remove also. Once itís loose I can just use my fingers to remove or replace.

10-14-2021, 08:24 AM
Are you taking out a plastic plug or an anode rod? I use a 1/2Ē drive ratchet and a wobble extension. Iíve had no problem with either in the years of ownership/ working on them.

10-14-2021, 09:27 AM
Sounds like you have an Atwood with the plasic/polymer plug. The plug on my last trailer (Atwood) was situated so tightly under several items a socket, crescent, open end..nothing, would go over it without being at an angle and stripping the plug. Enter the little tool I think is referenced in post 2. I got it (with some plugs as well if I recall) and never had another problem albeit the thing was slow and hard to slip over the corners.....but it worked every time. Don't know if you've had the issue yet but I bought several Camco plastic drain plugs and they really liked to split right in the center of plug....about 3 I believe. Bought the Atwood brand (a bit more expensive) and never had that issue again. Just an fyi.