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01-22-2012, 01:08 PM
Pulled the trigger on a 2012 OUTBACK 298RE on saturday at a camper show in Green Bay. No game on Sunday (aarrggg) so we bought a TT instead. Will be using a 2010 Tundra crewmax 4x4 with tow package. I have a equalizer 12,000 lb. weight/dist. sway hitch. After reading some of the pages in the TV area, I'm questioning if I should use the 3 day bail out option. I'm disabled now so cannot afford to buy a different truck. Theres just the wife and myself and 2 dogs so add on weight should not be to bad. I saw many Tundras with pics. of 5th weelers to my surprise. In the short term I see us traveling the Wisconsin landscape till the wife retires.SOME ONE has to pay the bills... LOL So here we are for better or worse. Wish us well and hope to report on this springs first trip.

Jim & Jamie

01-22-2012, 01:28 PM
Jimmy77. welcome and many enjoyable journeys. We have the 36ft Outback 5er and LOVE the light weight and space triple slide outs provide.

Should be spring there in say; 6 or 7 months, ehhh?

Regardless, do your tow research for your truck and if you feel it's right, by the numbers, have fun! If not, rescind your purchase.

Best of luck....:wave: