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09-26-2021, 08:22 AM
Hi All!
I have a 2020 Springdale SG280 and was wondering what mods everyone has made.

I have some in mind:
1. tankless water heater
2. upgraded suspension (smooth out the ride)
3. better speakers
4. LED tail/running lights (better visibility)

What have you done with your rigs?


09-26-2021, 09:20 AM
A bunch.....

1. Wet bolt suspension kit
2. Shimmed bolt heads holding FWT, added 1 support strap and replaced damaged FWT.
3. Reinforced bedroom drawer rails.
4. Reinforced kitchen drawer rails.
5. Added 1 kitchen drawer, bottom.
6. “T” into furnace LP gas line, added “ball valve”, installed flex hose with quick disconnect fitting for Mr Buddy heater.
7. Added on/off switch for fridge/freezer heat strip
8. Added on/off power switch for Stereo
9. Reinforced floors in rear storage areas with laminate
10. Replaced anti-syphon value under bathroom sink with a brass straight through. Home Depot.
11. Added a “T” and valve for winterizing the water pump.
12. Replaced all interior lights w/LED.
13. Added range top cover.
14. Replaced kitchen sink and faucet with stick built house quality units.
15. Sealed slide out seams with Eterna-bond tape
16. Reinforced rails that hold dining room table when used as a bed. Also installed 3” PVS pipe for same.
17. Bulldog 500188 3500lbs Electric tongue jack.
18. Slide out awning, installed by TacomaRV when purchased TT new.
19. Originally the breaker for the WFCO converter also powered all AC outlets… so I Installed an AC breaker for AC outlets. Now the Converter breaker can be turned OFF and still have power to AC outlets through their own breaker.
20. 6-Volt golf cart battery = GC2 size
21. Progressive Industries HW30C 30 Amp Hardwired EMS-HW30C RV Surge & Electrical Protector
22. Filter and valve for toilet water supply.
23. On/Off Valve for fresh water tank drain.
24. Painted frame with Rustolium black paint July 2019.
25. Replaced the stiff OEM shower hose and head with a Jakarda 60-inch brushed nickel 304 stainless hose with brass fittings, a KES shower head cut-off valve K1140B3, and an Oxgenics 26481 Brushed nickel spa RV shower head.
26. Installed Micro-Air EasyStart 364 into the air conditioner. Bought from MicroAir.net
27. Installed aluminum flashing in the well wells and sealed with Geocel 28127V Pro Flex Bright White RV Flexible Sealant from Amazon.
28. BougeRV 600D Polyester Electric Tongue Jack Cover RV Accessories Universal Trailer RV Electric Tongue Jack Protective Cover Camper Accessories for Outside,
29. HUSKY TOWING 81497 UNIV Connector Storage KIT for 7-pin connector. 3/21/21
30. TST 507 tire pressure monitor system

09-26-2021, 02:36 PM
On demand water heater: spend a LOT of time researching the different brands and their issues. Only 1 I can truly recommend is a Truma, Not cheap.

09-26-2021, 03:23 PM
Hi All!
I have a 2020 Springdale SG280 and was wondering what mods everyone has made.
What have you done with your rigs?

You might try searching this thread (https://www.keystoneforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30249&page=54) for your model number. It goes back four years and has over 1,100 posts. :D

09-27-2021, 01:08 PM
First mod I'm planning on our new 220RD is a real battery cutoff switch. 2nd will be to plumb the fresh water drain from that lame stub hanging off the tank to some Pex and a ball valve mounted near the exterior. It's easier to drain the fresh tank on our race trailer than on this RV.