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09-01-2021, 09:07 AM
We have a new 24 foot Hideout trailer. On our first trip out, we took a gravel road for a short cut. When arriving at our destination there was about 1/8 of an inch of dust on everything inside. Has anyone else had this problem? I would think a new trailer would be sealed much better from road dust.

09-01-2021, 09:38 AM
An 1/8" of dust ? Seriously? That would be an incredible amount of dust. How many miles and what speed were you driving? Was a roof vent open?

09-01-2021, 09:50 AM
Yes, it sounds like something was not closed as 1/8" of dust is a huge leak somewhere. Roof vent would seem to be the likely culprit (put on MaxAir covers if you don't have them). Unless I leave them cracked my windows actually almost glue themselves shut and my front door seals very tight.

That said, there could be a crack around a slide, the front door etc. Have you looked around them in the daylight to see if you can see a crack? I've had to use spray foam and other sealants in the past filling some small cracks on trailers.

09-01-2021, 04:41 PM
Did you have a rear window open? The station wagon effect can actually blow air back into the camper….boats actually have that problem if you have all the canvas on except the rear panels…you can look back and your ensign flag is pointing forward