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08-13-2021, 12:16 PM
Greetings all - I figured I would ask here before calling a RV Repair person, and see if anyone has had a similar issue. When I operate my slide I get this thumping noise, the slide bucks, and you can see the outside shell of the RV moving to the noise. Was working fine on our last trip, drive home and once I got the RV leveled and stabilized, tried to put the slide out and that is the first time the noise started.

RV is a 2016 Outback 276UBH

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

08-13-2021, 12:25 PM
First, check your slide mechenism. If you have cables, make sure they are relatively tight and not sloppy. This is a very easy fix, lots of YouTube videos showing how to adjust and tighten the cables.

If you have the Schwinteck system, check the motor, and gears for broken teeth. Same with the Rack and Pinion system... check the gears under the slide to make sure no teeth are broken.

Also, dried out slide seals will cause excessive resistance on any system, and will cause slides to operate like you are describing also. Get slide seal conditioner and get them softened up. Putting wax on the slides also is a big help. It makes them slicker so the friction resistance between their sides and the seals is not a great.

08-13-2021, 01:54 PM
I suspect your trailer has cable slides; look at them and see if there isn't a small cable at the top and bottom on each end of the slide(s).

I also figure that "thumping" noise is what is also called "jerking", "jumping", "bucking" etc. etc. It can be caused by any number of things but nearly all are fixable by the owner so don't throw your money away yet.

I would suggest first looking at the slide closely; look at the perimeter seals to see if any have broken or torn and gotten caught on the slide. They are on the top, bottom and both ends. Then look under the slide at the fabric on the bottom. Is it worn, frayed or torn? At the same time look at those cables, there should be a tight one and one not as tight (1/2" or so play in one direction). Check those things out and post back.

08-13-2021, 03:57 PM
Your cable slides have adjustment mechanisms on the top of the slides. There are two on each side. They move past each other as you open and close. If one is twisted they will hang up as they pass and they release with a jerk. Realign them.

08-22-2021, 11:43 AM
Thanks everyone for the comments and advice so far. I bought some RV Slide Seal Conditioner and applied it to all the seals surrounding the slide. I checked underneath and on top for potential obstructions/debris and all was clear. I also removed the piece of trim on the inside to give me access to the meter, gear box, chains and cables. All chains and cables are tight and have very little slack; one being more tight than the other. The cables and chains are also not touching each other. It looks like the "jumping" may be coming from the gear box. After doing some more research on Youtube and other sites, and there are plenty of videos out there on how to replace. So I ordered a new one. Will be replacing next week after it arrives and I will keep you posted on the outcome.