View Full Version : 2007 Outback 25rss / 2010 250rs Newbie Questions

08-13-2021, 05:41 AM
Hi Im new to the forums and I've realized that I love the rear slide floorplan from so many different manufacturers but then I found that Keystone made the outback with 2 entry doors and 2 slides so it got me so much more interested in this model so I was wondering what are the common issues ranging from 2007-2010 and what should I look for when buying a used model

08-28-2021, 05:04 PM
We just bought a 2011 250RS. The Anniversary edition. The Anniversary edition has a curved ceiling that gives a bit more headroom and a bigger feel to it. From the looking around on YouTube that we did, it seems that some minor features change with no sense to the model. Maybe the market they were made for?
We are doing a fair bit of maintenance; cleaning; servicing. Ours was not stored under cover so the awning fabric needs to be replaced due to pin holes in the part that is exposed when rolled up. Ours only had one MaxAir vent cover, not sure why. No electric hitch jack but it seems much easier to jack up than our 2011 Creekside was so we may not buy one. We upgraded all lights to LED and Princess Auto had a nice almost flush mount dinette light to replace the tacky boob light that was in ours. Check all appliances; outdoor kitchen; A/C & furnace; slides; etc to make sure they all work. Ours does not have the daylight/room darkening combo shades. Just one layer and it doesn't darken much. We may upgrade the TV/media equipment to something with bluetooth. Other than that, it is a great trailer and a smart design. 25 foot to tow but a 30 foot when set up. Best layout I have seen.