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skunked again
08-07-2021, 06:38 PM
Not sure where this goes, move if needed.
Which TT's have Twin beds, a couch/loveseat in the slide, that are under 23' ?

skunked again
08-07-2021, 07:18 PM
Forgot to ask - pros and cons of twin beds? Anyone had them? Loved them/hated them?

08-08-2021, 06:23 AM
That would be nearly impossible to answer I would think. Keystone only, or any brand? With only 23 of trailer are you wanting both beds and couch?

08-08-2021, 06:46 AM
That's a tough ask for a 23' trailer. As for your twin bed question you need to quantify that question. Who's going to be using it? A child? One adult? Two adults?

08-08-2021, 06:49 AM
I can't (won't) address other brands since this is a "Keystone RV site", other than to say nearly all RV manufacturers have models that closely mirror the floorplans that are most popular in every competitor's product lines...

That said, you can go to the Keystone RV website and start at this link: https://www.keystonerv.com/rv-types

It has links to the various types of RV's. Choose the type that interests you most, click on that and it will open for further research. As you click on the various brands, you'll see links to floorplans in every RV line made by Keystone. Click on those that are closest to what interests you and then compare them "side by side" with the offerings from other manufacturers.

Once you start "digging deeper" many questions will arise that you'll need to answer. Things like refrigerator type and size, thickness of mattresses and cushions, type of furniture coverings/upholstery, size of holding tanks, number and size of axles, trailer weight, cargo capacity, and a host of other "important features that can make one trailer "usable for a type of camping" or make another trailer "totally unacceptable for the way we travel".... Both might have the "under 23' with a sofa in the slide"....

Trying to identify a list of many trailers that meet those two criteria wouldn't begin to start your search for the right RV for your family. The very first consideration "should be" what brands does the local RV deealership carry and do I want to do business with them or shop elsewhere. If elsewhere, what brands do those dealerships carry....

Take a look at the Keystone RV website and start narrowing down your potential choices based on "YOUR" expectations, "YOUR" local conditions, "YOUR" financial situation (no need to look at $60K trailers if your budget can only support a $15K purchase)....

Start here: https://www.keystonerv.com/rv-types

08-08-2021, 07:25 AM
I try to keep up on the RV industry, more than just Keystone products. Although I am most familiar with Keystone, I do spend time constantly exploring and looking at floor plans from other as well.

To the best of my knowledge, I don't know of any RV that has twin beds, in the traditional sense of "twin beds". At best, there are bunk beds, and even in those models that have a sense of "twin beds" the beds are usually in a separate room, in bunk-bed fashion, in slides with an opposing bed on an opposite slide. Others will have bunk bed, or a hide a bed, or a fold up bed on the bottom that can be used for play areas, and on the opposing slide or wall, another bunk, sometimes on the top of an outside access kitchen.

Then, there are those that put folding up bunks along the back wall of the camper, that can be flipped up, making space for transporting bicycles and gear. But opposing bunk beds, in the traditional manner, ..... I've never seen that in any RV. I suppose that doesn't mean it does not exist, but if it does, I certainly have not seen anything like that.

Now, add that to a 23 foot trailer that has a sofa or love seat? You'll never find it.

There are multiple brands and models with full side bottom bunks and a half bunk above it. Usually they are in the back corners of the campers, and adjacent is the bathroom. Up front may be a jack-knife sofa (very, very uncomfortable by the way) or at best a non-walk around master bed.

FYI.... built in sofa's in RV's are the most uncomfortable seating places you'll ever experience. Low back, narrow, hard, and often times positioned along the front of the travel trailer with the curved front, So you can't even sit up straight, your head will hit the curved wall behind you, making you actually lean forward. I know, we had one like that once.

Sorry for such gloomy news, but maybe you'll still get lucky and find that perfect camper you are looking for. I'll eat crow if you find one. Good luck.

skunked again
08-08-2021, 01:22 PM
Thank you all!
Not gloomy news at all! Just like with our tow vehicle situation, not what we wanted to hear, it is however, what we needed to hear.

08-08-2021, 01:39 PM
I know I've seen stuff on the web from people who converted their queen into twins, usually due to accessibility issues one or the other spouse had.

Here's an idea. If you do a websearch for:

turn rv queen into twins

a number of videos and articles come up that would give you an idea of how hard it is to do, and what sort of arrangement you end up with.

Interestingly, you will also get a bunch of hits from people turning RV twin beds into queens, which you could view to see what model RV they were starting out from. You never know.

08-08-2021, 03:20 PM
Our model doesn't meet all the criteria and isn't made anymore but the 2300bh is close. It was made to 2014 I think. Queen bed master twin bed bunks but the slide has the dinette which is actually good size and what we use as a "couch".

skunked again
08-09-2021, 03:23 PM
Thank You both.