View Full Version : 2019 Passport 171EXP Mattress Replacement

08-04-2021, 02:41 PM
My wife and I purchased a used 2019 Passport 171 EXP hybrid. The mattresses that came with the trailer are VERY uncomfortable. Any hybrid owners on this forum replace a mattress? What did you purchase? Thanks!

08-04-2021, 04:18 PM
I've never owned a "hypbrid" but I will say most folks replace the mattresses in their RVs if they actually want to get some sleep. The exception would be when I had a pop up; I wasn't interested in replacing the 4" thin foam mattresses because I was young, didn't spend a lot of time sleeping and that's not what I wanted an RV for. Things are different now and being "comfortable" has a very high priority to me so an RV mattress gets replaced when I buy an RV. Hopefully a hybrid owner will chime in with their thoughts.

08-04-2021, 05:00 PM
We had a hybrid previously (Jayco 23b). We tried changing the mattress but had issues folding in the ends and getting enough compression on everything to latch the doors in place and be weathertight. We ended up using a roll-up memory foam mattress topper that we stowed under the dinette when closing it all up and then unrolling it on our bed when setting up. Not ideal but for that model we never found a viable alternative. Now that we are older, and a couple of campers later, we have a fixed queen bed and a 12” thick residential mattress, life is good.

08-04-2021, 11:23 PM
I don't have a hybrid, but went with this style mattress for my trailer since I have under-bed storage and wanted a mattress I didn't have to fight with when lifting it up (not saying a residential would). You can order this mattress in 8", 10", or 12". It comes in a small compressed box shipped to your door. Take it out to the trailer, open it up and let it slowly roll it's self out. Super comfortable set up that didn't break the bank for something I don't sleep on daily.

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