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Donna H
08-02-2021, 07:18 AM

This weekend we noticed that the wall tape on the seam is lifting.

Our trailer is a 2014 Keystone Zinger Z1 231FB.

Does this just happen eventually from being towed around? Or does the adhesive just eventually dry up?

How do we fix this? Where can we buy more tape to match?

This seam is just below a window. It had rained but no sign of water in the trailer but the panel on the left side can be pushed in some. Assume it is coming unattached from exterior metal from being towed (maybe I am wrong)

Sorry but pictures are horizontal instead of vertical

08-02-2021, 07:51 AM
Most likely the adhesive has given up. We've had a couple pieces of seam tape come loose on the Cougar.
Looks like the tape is still in good condition except that it is lifting from the surface. If you can pull it back without tearing it, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and reglue it with contact cement. I used a piece of masking tape to hold the seam tape in place while the glue dried and haven't had to do the same spot twice...yet:)

08-02-2021, 09:20 AM
Thank you Canonman!

We will pick up some adhesive this week and get the tape back on.

Yes, the tape is in good shape. Like to look after things as soon as they happen ��

FYI Donna... I believe your camper is a Crossroads RV product and not a Keystone RV product. We are always glad to help regardless of brand but if you start looking for parts, not knowing the camper's manufacturer will not help. Good luck!