View Full Version : failed power stabilizers

06-27-2021, 03:57 PM

Yesterday when we came home from our trip, I went to lower my stabilizing jacks the whole control panel lost power( I have the bal ss 5.1 stabilizing system). I tried to lower the jacks manually and I could not turn either front. The rear were able to move. Since I need the jacks down before opening the slide, I crawled under the rv and pulled the motor from the worm gear. Now each side moved manually without issue. I then turned off the battery and back on and now my control unit has power. Since the motors are not connected to the worm gear I had my wife hit the button for each motor and all the do is clunk so I know the motor or gearbox is bad. My rv is a 2020 keystone premier 19fb that I bought Aug 2020. Should I be going to the manufacture of the stabilizers or the dealer? If the front failed both at the same time about 3" from closed what are the chances the rear will fail too? i did look for the motor online and they are around $100 each. Since I only have about 10 trips I wonder how reliable this whole system is in general since I could not find any motors in stock.

Thanks for you help and guidance