View Full Version : About to sell our Cougar 33MLS - Need Advice

06-15-2021, 10:14 AM
Hi all. We have been working remote during COVID and bought our '17 Cougar XLite 33MLS right at the beginning last April. We've been in it a total of 5 months in the last year and have had a great time. Traveled to Key West and Kansas from NC and put a lot of good miles on it during that time with no major mechanical issues outside of one blowout before the Goodyear additions. We love the opposing slides, rear kitchen and king bed. Long story short, I have to start going back to work soon so it's time we put it on the market.

There are one or two soft (barely) places in the floor that could use some attention, but they are usable as is. Should I put it on the market as is and keep the price fairly low or put the time/money into fixing those issues before putting it out there for a higher price? Like I said, they are fine as is but something I would fix if we were keeping it. It has Goodyear Endurance tires (less than a year old), a second standalone A/C (less than a year old) in the bedroom and will come with a 15k CURT WDH that has been flawless. All the appliances work great with no issues. It is not a perfect RV and has been used, but I'm not going to be asking a perfect RV price. Unfixed I'd be in the lower 20s, fixed in the upper 20s I think. I'd also be willing to sell my '19 F350 Crew Cab Short Bed with the Powerstroke along with it for the total package. It has 29k miles on it and is in like new condition.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.