View Full Version : Convenience center Winterize and Watwr Heater By Pass valve - on or off?

06-09-2021, 09:47 PM
When we got our 243BHSWE last month, we were told that these valves were set and ready to go.

Winterize valve was vertical and Bypass was horizontal. We were also told that if one valve was on, the other one had to be off or “bad things would happen”. But the more we learn about winterizing and what these valves do, that makes no sense.

If you are winterizing with anti-freeze, you would need to turn winterize ON along with the bypass right? There is no point of a bypass valve if you are going to have it off during the winterize process and fill the water heater.

We went on our first trip with the valves in the same position as when we got it. (Winterize vertical and Bypass horizontal) and everything seemed to work fine. Our water pump was picking up the fresh water when we disconnected from city water for a few minutes, and we had plenty of hot water throughout the trip. So i am very confused to say the least.

I have included photos of the only ways the valves go. Which is ON and which is OFF? Initially i thought horizontal was off because “diagram” shows a horizontal switch over OFF.

Could one of the valves be installed upside down or something so that they would have to be opposite of eachother to both be ON or OFF simultaneously?

06-09-2021, 09:55 PM
If it worked good on your trip, do the opposite of that to winterize. That should make the antifreeze hose the suction side of the pump and bypass the water heater so you don't use as much antifreeze to fill your water heater. I would relable the valves so it makes sense while you are at it also.