View Full Version : Entry door alignment

06-01-2021, 01:37 PM
The entry door on my trailer seems to have become misaligned.
It rubs on the bottom vertical frame making it difficult to open and close but horizontal (threshold) seems flush. Are there any other adjustments besides the striker plate? Seems like the lower screen door hinge was bent too but I was able to straighten that back out. All other hinges look straight.
Trailer model in signature.

06-04-2021, 03:22 PM
Mu step/above stair set does that until i lower the adjustments.

Another possible cause might be related to your jacks.

Does it do it before you level front to back? Something may be twisted in your frame.

If not before leveling, watch that corner & don't lift it as much or lift it more.

Either of these jack issues may indicate a frame or structural problem.

Another thing to check is get the jam plumb, them check the threshold for exact level. Or use a realy good square. Check both jam's to threshold.