View Full Version : Cougar 27SAB Gray Water Tank(s)

05-15-2021, 08:15 PM
Hello, I'm new to posting on this forum though I've done a lot of searching. I've not seen many folks with the 27SAB and hoping for some help.

I have a 2019 model and the "In Command" screen shows 2 gray water tanks with one being full. The spec sheet say it only has one 60 gal tank.

There are two separate drain connections with two separate handles. One says black and one says gray. They are both forward of the tires on the LH side.

The dealer told me he "thought" the shower drained into the black water tank. But I ran a little test the other day and decided the shower does NOT run into the black tank.

This is our first outing and there is water standing in the shower. I grabbed a bucket and thought I'd relieve some of the gray water, but only a few gallons came out before there wasn't much pressure so I shut it off. There's still water in the shower.

Now, I'm questioning my little test. Questioning the dealer. Wondering if there is a hidden 2nd gray water valve somewhere else.

Does anyone have a 2019 (or similar) 27SAB? Help!!!!

Thanks in advance,

05-15-2021, 09:27 PM
You will have 2 30 gal. gray tanks by looking at it. You will have another pull handle for the 2nd tank that is removed from the 2 you see. Look under the trailer, somewhere around the tires, maybe aft for a silver handle sticking through the frame rail instead of out of the coroplast. It will be there.

05-16-2021, 03:47 AM
Thank you. After I posted I read some other posts about missing handles and looking where foam is sticking out. I crawled under it and can barely see silver threads in some foam. I’m going to unscrew the black water handle and see if I can use it to pull the drain.

UPDATE - While at the dump station, I unscrewed the black water tank pull and inserted/threaded it into the "foam hole" that I discovered. Finally drained the front gray water tank! All of this from a missing drain pull handle AND incorrect specifications from Keystone.