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05-12-2021, 02:25 PM
I tried to mount a TV mount in our bedroom where it says, "TV mount here" but the lag bolts are too long and hit the outside fiberglass. I checked with a stud finder and it shows a stud but when I drilled there was no stud, just a metal plate. Anyone have this camper and installed the mount or any ideas/thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

05-13-2021, 09:17 AM
Since no one has responded I called Keystone and the tech said there's wood behind the sticker to mount to. I went back and checked and I can't find any wood anywhere near the sticker. I used a stud finder but it gets a signal from the metal that's there so doesn't help. Is it possible they forgot the wood there? I pushed on the wall and old school banged and no wood there.

05-13-2021, 09:50 AM
Take a look at the photos in post #4 in the thread located here: https://www.keystoneforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31960

Things haven't changed since then, so the information is "up to date and correct" for Keystone trailers. Keep in mind that if your "mount TV here" decal is on an interior wall or your trailer is a wood framed unit, it will usually be a wood backing plate. If your trailer has an aluminum frame, then it will, almost always, be an aluminum plate welded between two upright studs or a wood panel if on an interior wall.

05-13-2021, 10:04 AM
Thanks so much John for the info, I really appreciate it!! So when I drilled into the wall there's definitely an aluminum plate but TOO thin to hold weight! In your pics it looks more like a block of aluminum, is that the case or more just a thinner sheet?

05-13-2021, 10:18 AM
Grand designs uses a thin metal plate, donít use the LONG screws that come with the mount, use 1 1/4Ē long screws and youíll be ok.