View Full Version : Big trip starts in 5 days

05-03-2021, 05:14 AM
Big trip in 5 days. Fingers crossed!

05-03-2021, 05:25 AM
Dang!! What’s the forecast?

05-03-2021, 05:53 AM
Today, 1” more till this afternoon and 1-3” overnight low of 29F.
Tues 48F/32F
Wed 55F/32F Sanitize water system
Thu 65F/41F (partly cloudy)
Fri 67F/40F (partly cloudy)
Sat 62F/38F (partly cloudy) Departure and head south!

I think we will be good but traveling this time of year is really “iffy” starting at 8800 feet elev and heading towards Raton Pass.

05-03-2021, 07:51 AM
Yep, I'd be ready to get out of that too! Which part of "south"? Looks like it's finally started to get back to normal here in W TX after some crazy spring, hopefully things will be great where you're headed.

05-03-2021, 07:57 AM
You are heading the wrong way :rolleyes: We are leaving Sunday May 16th heading west and then north for 5.5 months. Once the Heat and Humidity starts here we are gone.

05-03-2021, 09:40 AM
Danny: Las Vagas, NM; Gallup, NM; Grand Canyon Trailer Park, AZ; Cottonwood RV Park, UT; Moab, UT; Grand Junction, CO; Home. A lot of fairly short jaunts. One more worry is a stretch of I-25 near Walsenburg where side winds are guaranteed. That location will probably be the starting location of America's next "dust bowl." Maybe if we get there early enough, the winds wont be so bad.

Took the trailer to town yesterday to put a few miles on the new tires. (superstitious)